Volkswagen Parameters

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To access the Volkswagen Parameters, Select Interfaces > Volkswagen > Volkswagen Setup :




The first tab sets up branch specific details for the dealer.


The dealer code should be entered as 5 digits, with leading zeros if necessary.


The File Location should always be set to d:\dms\incoming\vag - unless advised to change by DMS


The supplier for Parts Pack Notes should be selected - this is a Purchase Ledger Supplier account that will be used for Parts Receipts in this branch.


The supplier for Vehicle Invoices should also be selected - this is a purchase ledger supplier account that will be used for New Vehicle Purchase Invoices in this branch.


The BTAC Server Setup should not be updated by the dealer - this is normally set by DMS on initial installation.


The Vehicle Price List tab contains some standard information for importing Vehicle Price Lists :




Select the Make of Vehicle that should be updated (Volkswagen/Skoda/Seat/Audi).  Enter the Std Delivery charge (before Road Tax) and the cost of delivery along with the standard PDI cost for this franchise.  The Vehicle Discount section only applies pre-NVS and can be ignored.