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Navigator supports a number of interfaces to Volkswagen Systems, including the forthcoming "NVS" & "DMS-I" interfaces which will become in affect as of July 2010


The interfaces currently supported by Navigator are as follows :-


 ElsaPro .


Navigator will automatically update ElsaPro such that any franchise vehicle (VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat) booked into the workshop will automatically have the job card transferred to ElsaPro.  This means that in ElsaPro the job can be pre-selected, which then removes the need to enter the vehicle and job details.   In addition, labou operations can be searched in ElsaPro and "sent" back to the Navigator job card.


Parts National Stock


Navigator automatically runs the Parts National Stocks system, sending transaction files to Volkswagen each night of all parts movements during the day.


Parts Pack Notes


Parts pack notes received from Volkswagen are automatically updated into Navigator, which allows goods in of a complete pack note in Navigator by simply entering the pack note reference.


This interface changes following the introduction of the DMS-I communications system in July, 2010 but no change will be visible to Navigator users.


Vehicle Price List


The vehicle price list can be uploaded from the Volkswagen or Audi intranet's (not Skoda or Seat) and used to update Navigator with the current vehicle price and specifications.


Pre-NVS - this is a manual process.

Post-NVS - this is fully automated, with daily price updates being received from Volkswagen.


Vehicle Orders


Vehicle Orders from Volkswagen are automatically transferred to Navigator.  This means that New Vehicles can be created in Navigator by simply entering the Volkswagen Order No (only for VW and Audi).


This interface will change with the introduction of NVS, but the user-interface will be the same with the only difference being that pre-NVS the Commission No will be entered, and post NVS this will be the SLI order reference.


Vehicle Tracking


Once a vehicle has a Commission No/ SLI order no attached to it, the vehicle factory order status, chassis no and expected date in stock are automatically updated on Navigator.


Vehicle Consignment Note Interface


A Vehicle Consignment Note can be posted to a stock record by simple entry of the consignment note no.


Vehicle Invoice


A vehicle invoice from Volkswagen can be posted to a stock record by simple entry of the invoice no.