Vehicle Web Services

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The main data download is a RESTFUL web service which returns XML, the URL for this is :-[API KEY]

API Key supplied by Navigator.

Please be aware that this is designed to be used in the background to replicate the data onto the web server regularly - perhaps once a day - and not "live"
The vehicle has an "PictureRefs" array, which contains a list of images that are available.  


To retrieve an image use a URL such as :-[API KEY],[filename]

API Key supplied by Navigator.

Where filename is the string in the PictureRefs array.    This returns an image, so can be included as the location for an html image tag.


An example of the XML returned by the GetVehicleStockData service is :-


<GetVehicleStockDataResponse xmlns="">

<GetVehicleStockDataResult xmlns:a="" xmlns:i="">

<errMsg xmlns="" i:nil="true"/>

<isSuccess xmlns="">true</isSuccess>



<a:Bodytype>Door Hatchback</a:Bodytype>















<a:PictureRefs xmlns:b="">





<a:Transmission>Manual 5 Gears</a:Transmission>