Software Revision History (2009-2012)

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Purchase Ledger > Create Account > Creating two Purchase Ledger Accounts was not possible without exiting the Purchase Ledger.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Posting Writedown - if a nominal code was entered to post the write down to, this wasn't remembered for future write downs.

Workshop > Customer CSI > All customers flagged for no CSI now have their telephone and emails removed from any franchise CSI related uploads (even where data needs to be sent to trigger service events)

Sales Toolkit > Sales Enquiry > It is now possible to add multiple part exchanges to a sales enquiry - these automatically transfer to any sales orders created from the enquiry.


Sales Enquiry > Main Screen - improved initial load and improved display of "Loading Data, Please Wait..." message.

Sales Enquiry > Part Exchange > Full Appraisal - fixed where data fields where being lost between "Quick Appraisal" and "Full Appraisal", layout changed slightly to minimise confusion in this area.  You may perform a full appraisal if you like or simply skip over to the "Quick Appraisal" section.

Sales > Approval - Error in program where approval screen not being shown on fist entry to Sales Record, would only display tab on saving the order/quote.  This now fixed to always show Approval tab for those with the relevant privileges.

Main Screen > Menus going dead - Where a PC has been left logged on an inactive for some time the menu system appears to go dead.  Added more diagnostic logging in an attempt to discover the cause.

Vehicle Debtors List, error with report where no branches - for Pre-Adopted PX: Export function now fixed not to skip columns in this instance.

Nominal Ledger > Utilies > Setup > Transaction Report - new Columns of Goods In Note No, Sales Ledger Account Name and Purchase Ledger Account Name have been added.

Vehicles > Debtors List > Pre-adopted Part Exchanges - sometimes pre-adopted part exchanges were incorrectly showing on the debtors list. This has been corrected

Experian > Integration of Experian as supplier for Vehicle Registration Lookup has been added

Experian > Glasses and CAP Valuations added to Part Exchange and Appraisal system (Please contact your account manager to configure)

Experian > Integration of Experian autocheck into Vehicles and Appraisals system (Please contact your account manager to configure).

Nominal Ledger > Journal >  A scenario whereby switching companies half way through posting a batch could cause a cash book entry to be in one company in the nominal ledger but another in the cash book has been corrected.

Vehicles > View Vehicle Status > If a vehicle has a sales order raised in another branch, this is now highlighted on the "Sales Status" tab. If an error has been made, then this can be changed.

Parts > Managers Toolkit - Parts Movement Report now has extra columns for Cost of Sale and Profit.

Workshop > Job > Technician and Customer Notes - the display of multi-line notes has been improved on screen to ease legibility.

Vehicles > Sales Order > Approval - If multiple "Additional" costs have been entered onto a stock record, the approval screen was not adding these costs in when calculating estimated profitability of the deal.




Vehicles > Sales Order Processing > Deleting a part exchange from an order with multiple Part Exchanges. An issue which was causing Part Exchange stock records to be recreated has been fixed.

Manheim > EGM Hub Update > Activities are now overriden so that an activity can not be both a demonstration drive AND a telephone contact (it gets updated to a Visit to prevent EGM rejecting the activity)

Parts > POS > Reversing an Invoice that has already been reversed.  This would generate an credit note for the VAT value of the invoice.  This has been corrected, though due to rounding issues this can still sometimes credit a penny.

Vehicles > Used vehicle Estimated Prep Cost - there were some discrepancies on how this was calculated through the system - this has now been harmonised so that the Default Prep cost from parameters is now overridden by a prep budget on the vehicle itself.

Parts > View/Update Parts - new parts created using this option were not always being indexed for searching by part no

Parts > Managers Toolkit > Advanced Reports > Aged Stock List > Errors in the aging have been corrected, and an extra column to report on all parts with an age older than being aged in the entered columns has been added.

Workshop > Invoicing > If a part was invoiced and credited to a job, this could cause the invoice to not add up by a penny do to a rounding error on the credit.  This is now fixed.  (#110)

Parts > Epos > Parts which are set for Fractional quantities could not be sold to below 1 unit in stock. This is now fixed.

Workshop > Parameters > Non Productive Codes - it is now possible to delete a non-productive code.  In addition, it is now no longer possible to create more than 10 non-productive codes. (#37)

Marketing > Campaign > Filter option - If filtering to remove customers for no follow up this wasn't removing all - this will now remove all customers with the "No Mailshot" flag or Vehicles set for No Follow-up. (#33)

Vehicles > Sales Orders > It is now no longer possible to update the Deposit taken on a sales order after the vehicle has been invoiced. (#111)

Parts > Managers Toolkit > Stock Report  - Last purchase date sometimes shows a blank - this is now always populated if the part has historically been stocked. (#115)

Accounts > Sales/Purchase Ledger - If an account no is entered in account enquiry and that account no doesn't exist in the current company but does in others, the account was not being displayed with the option to add to this company (you could however search by name!).  This functionality has been added.

Customer > Vehicle Record - new "Fleet No" field has been created so that fleet nos can be recorded.  A Vehicle can be searched from it's fleet no by typing this into the "Other" box when searching for a vehicle.

Workshop > Managers Toolkit > Update Technician - it is now possible to delete a technician via a new "Delete" button

Workshop > Job Processing > Costing a job using "Other Account" to an account that is closed was not warning that the account was closed, and was generating an invalid invoice.  This has now been updated to pop up a warning when invoicing.

Vehicles > Closing Deal - When accruing costs incurred after the close date, the value accrued is not always benig calculated correctly.  This has been corrected.

Vehicles > Debtors List > Pre-adopted Part Exchanges - sometimes pre-adopted part exchanges were incorrectly showing on the debtors list. This has been corrected




Diagnostics > Added additional diagnostic functionality into Navigator to assist Helpdesk staff in resolving issues.

Marketing > Follow Up / fixes to Printing Letters (Word Interface).

Parts > Barcode Printing / fixes to utilise (if present) label parameters from server specific params per branch.

Reporting > Export to CSV / fixed problem with commas/quotes contained within data values.

General > Message / Task Count at bottom of screens is not always correct. This has been fixed.

Workshop > Parameters > Warranty > New Tick box to "Allow warranty clocking" - if this is set it gives the option in the clocking system to clock onto a job line rather than a job card.

Workshop > Technicians Clock > Touch Screen > clocking on job > if "Allow Warranty Clocking" is set (see above) then when a job is chosen a secondary option to select a job line is popped up - it is not necessary to pick a job line.  this is used for franchises where on warranty work it is necessary to clock on to each job lines individually. This assigns the clocking against the job line on the invoice.

Workshop > Technicians Clock > Touch Screen > clocking off job > If the job had a specific job line clocked onto then there is a new button to "Switch Job Lines" which prompts for the job line to clock on to (this simulates clocking off and then back onto the job)

Technicians Clock > Default screen open when entering the technicians clock has been changed from the Attendance screen to the Touch screen (as this is the most popular screen now)

Parts > Stock Order > Export of FIAT Stock Order File layout added.

Parts > Goods In > Bin location wasn't printing on the goods in note - this has been rectified.

Parts > Quotations > Fixed bug when retrieving quotation where invoice shows "Credited from Invoice NONE"

Workshop > Invoicing > Fractional quantity parts - there was an issue where workshop invoices with parts with fractional quantities would not appear to add up (this was due to a rounding issue when multiplying by the fractional quantity).  This is now fixed.

Parts > Goods In > The goods in screen now totals the value of all surcharges goods's in. (The column was always previously blank)

Parts > Kits Maintenance > It is now possible to create parts on kits with fractional quantities

Prism > Interface with PRISM Parts trade program (run by Snap-on and used by a number of franchises) is now supported.

Vehicles > Import Consignment Note (Volkswagen Group) - if the consignment note was in a backdated period it could still be imported.  The consignment note is now imported on the first date of the period.




Workshop > Diary > Issue whereby jobs created on stock records were sometimes appearing in another workshops diary job list has been fixed.

Workshop > Bodyshop System > Historically, entering both a bottom line discount percentage and a parts discount percentage would mean that the parts discount was ignored.  This has been updated so that both discounts are applied in series. (#63)

Workshop > Job Processing > Invoicing > Once a job is invoiced, a new button joins the existing "Print" button to enable invoices to be emailed.  All invoices where an identifiable email address are sent. (#70)

Workshop > Service Parameters > Email/SMS > A new tab for Email invoice text has been added. (#70)

Workshop > Create Appointment > Email Confirmation - bug fixed whereby multi-line emails weren't formatted correctly

Parts > Invoicing > When completing a parts invoice there are two new tick boxes to print or email an invoice.  The email tick box only appears if there is an email address on the customer record (based on the invoice to selection).   This allows invoices to be printed, emailed or neither. (#70)

Customer > Business Details > When exiting the business details, a pop up message always appears to warn that you have removed the business name.  This message has been removed except where it is valid to pop-up

Customer > View Customer > Actions > Merge Customer > To combine one customer record with another.  The second record selected will be marked and Archived and all of the vehicles & related history will be transferred to original customer viewed. (#52)

Nominal Ledger > Schedule Report > It is now possible to enter "*" in the nominal code to allow multi-selection of nominal codes to report on (eg 1.*.60.80 will report on all stock accounts) (#41)

Workshop > Insurance invoicing > Excess / customer contributions can now be invoiced to a customers Sales Ledger account (previously only cash invoices could be raised)

Parts > Invoicing > If a customer has the same account no in the private and business records then the account is only displayed once as an option when invoicing from parts.

Parts > Sales > You can no longer book a part out with a zero quantity.

Sales Managers Toolkit > Handover Diary > It is now possible to share a handover diary between branches - this is setup in Setup > Branch Setup

Vehicles > Part Exchange not showing adoption date > an issue whereby PX's do not show a date of adoption has been corrected

Sales Managers Toolkit > Enquiry > Creating a quotation without first selecting a vehicle to quote would pop up an error. This has been fixed.

Workshop > Parameters > Bodyshop - issues relating to setting up new management companies have been fixed. (It was previously very fiddly to set up a new management company)

Nominal > Postings to Cash book accounts - fix to Sales & Purchase ledger cash postings to allow posting to nominal code 6 when there are multiple banks, and the user is logged into a branch attached to another bank account.

Workshop > Create Appointment > Adding Bodyshop Job > Any job description entered as part of creating the appointment was being ignored.  This will name be saved as part of the appointment.

Sales Managers Toolkit > Profit Report > New column added for RFL Profit (profit now removed from OTHER COSTS)

Sales > View Appraisal > Fixed where full appraisal not visible from menu toolbar

Vehicles > Profit Analyis > Sundry costs are now transferred to expected profit column

Workshop > Managers Toolkit > Courtesy Cars - it is now possible to delete a courtesy car.

Vehicle > Viewing Sales Order > It is now no longer to view a sales order on a closed deal (this was causing the order for the deal to be deleted).

Sales Managers Toolkit > Pipeline Profit Report > New Columns for Sundry costs and Other costs - now include actual sundry costs and actual number plate costs is now in the other column (was previously included in PDI/Prep).

Vehicles > Sales Order Processing > It was possible that two users could simultaneously update a Sales Order ; if the first user invoiced the vehicle whilst the second user had it on-screen it was possible to  update the order after invoicing.  This has now been prevented - the second user will now receive an error message when they close the order screen and updates will be rejected.

Vehicles > Part Exchange Purchase Invoice > If the part exchange had been transferred to another branch before invoicing, the part exchange purchase invoice would not print.

Dms Navigator Microsoft Office Add-in for Excel > Server-side procedures released in this version.  For client install navigate to NB You may need to add to allowed sites in Internet Security options. (Requires MS Office 2007/2010)



Workshop > Job Processing > If a job is allocated to be billed to an account (in the Payee section on the top right hand corner) the available credit on that account is now displayed.

Workshop > Create Appointment > The Customer account status (Account closed, over credit limit or available credit is now shown on the booking screen - after choosing the customer/vehicle this is shown in red in the top section on the right hand side).

Vehicles > Stock Record > On the "View" menu there is now an option to view the Appraisal carried out on the vehicle prior to purchase.

Volkswagen Group > Change to file processing so that Vehicle Price Updates are only processed overnight (this is to stop this slowing systems down during the day)

Vehicle Invoice > Multiple Part Exchanges > an error causing the purchase price of the Part exchange to not print where there are multiple part exchanges has been fixed.


Parts > Quotations > Printing quotations to business customers now print the customer name correctly on the quotation.

Parts > Quotations > Where dealers have multiple locations, the parts quotation may now have printed the form from the correct branch. This has been corrected.

Vehicles > Stock Record > Images > It is now possible to delete images and change the order of images on a stock record

Workshop > Reception > View Diary - an issue whereby jobs that aren't for the day being viewed has been fixed.


Purchase Ledger > Gani > Update to prevent two Gani entries with the same goods in reference (this can happen on warranty self billing invoices and Vehicle bonuses) - a "/1, /2" etc is added to the end to the reference to make it unique


Parts > EPOS > VRM Check - bug fixed which was preventing VRM checks working

Purchase Ledger > Transaction Report > updated such that payments opsted that day show once in the transaction list (they were repeated).


Vehicles > Salesmanagers toolkit > Profit Report - Expected costs column has been removed.   Invoice Date column has been moved and now shows populated.

Cash Book > Reconciliation - error in cleared date caused when reconciling a day at a time has been corrected

Nominal Ledger > Overnight routine > the nominal code used for creating self-balancing entries overnight has been changed from to  - this means that these will no longer get confused with genuine entries to

Vehicles > Debtors List > now has the option of selecting a branch.

Vehicles > Sales Order Book - now allows selection of a branch no - this means that if a manager manages multiple branches, they now need to select all branches in the report.

Sales toolkit > Enquiry Manager > Creating contacts - all contacts were previously recorded in the name of the person owning the enquiry - this has been updated to reflect the currently logged in user.

Parts > Sales > Rounding of VAT has been changed to round up rather than round down - so for example a part with a retail price of 8.33 will calculate to £10.00 including VAT (though note that 2 of this part would come to 19.99 due to the fact that VAT is added to the line total not per item)

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Till Reconciliation - An update has been made so that copy till reconciliations always show every item posted on the day (it was possible that if a variety of dates were posted in one date then the copy would not contain them all)



Reissue with bug fix to support Citrix


Reissue with bug fix to support Citrix


Vehicles > Stock Record > Sales Menu - There is now a new option to process a Trade Sale - enter a customer, a sale price, sales category and choose whether you wish to close the deal as well.  This will raise a sales order, invoice, deliver and optionally close the deal as a single process.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administrators Toolkit > Reports > Action Report - this report now has the option to filter.

Vehicles > Stock Record > Transferring a vehicle to another branch - if there is a part exchange then a bug has been fixed which ensures that all the part exchange details move to the other branch.



Vehicles > Sales Order Processing >  New button added to Sales Order to schedule delivery, this can only be used once the order is raised.

Vehicles > Sales Order Processing > Clicking Vehicle and then scheduling delivery now retains the scheduled delivery date (it was being lost when the sales order was closed).

General > Entry of mobile phone no > mobile nos were not allowed to be entered with spaces in - these were being converted to zero's.   This is now fixed.


Vehicles > Profit Report > Expected PDI cost now reflects the estimated Prep cost for used vehicles.


General > Several updates have been made to make the software more compatible with Windows Terminal Services.   This involves removing use of the registry and also allowing multiple Navigator sessions to run on one server providing they are on different users.

Workshop > Create Appointment - several users have experienced an issue whereby selecting a date on the diary was causing significant performance delays.  An update has been made to improve this.

Sales Manager > Managers Toolkit > Profit report > Used vehicles were reporting PDI/Prep costs in the "Other Costs" columns as well as the "PDI/Prep" column.  This has been corrected.

Implementation of integrated Cap Black Book Vehicle valuations into released software.

Implementation of IPad compatibility.


Workshop > Managers Toolkit > Update Technician - it is now possible to set up a valeter (new tick box at the bottom of the screen) - there is no need to add any skills or efficiency (efficiency should be zero).

Workshop > Technicians Clock > New "Valeters" screen, which is functionally similar to the Technicians Touch screen but designed to be used by valeters.   This screen only shows Valeters in the technicians list.  When clocking on, a list of all jobs "Awaiting Valet" is displayed and then can be clocked on and off as normal.     This is designed to assist with Valeters job scheduling and time analysis.

Workshop > Reception > Sales Work tab > There is now an Export button (bottom right hand corner) to export the sales work to a spreadsheet for further analysis.


Vehicles > Stock Record > SIV on bottom right hand corner - the SIV shown on Margin vehicles is now adjusted to account for the minimum VAT payable when selling the vehicle for zero profit (currently, if you sold at the SIV showing and the vehicle had an SIV greater than the purchase price, you would still make a loss)


Nominal ledger > Linked Nominal > It is now possible to sort the linked codes ilst to aid searching for transactions.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Stock Record > Sales SIV - the calculation of the Sales SIV at the bottom right hand corner of the screen has been improved - Qualifying vehicles now has the cost of any RFL included in the SIV calculation, and margin vehicles include in the cost an allowance for the minimum amount of Margin VAT that could be payable.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Posting costs - a bug whereby scan patch sheets were being generated for non-direct posted invoices has now been fixed.

Parts > Parts POS - automatic allocation of Loyalty points now enabled

Workshop > Release Job - automatic allocation of Loyalty points now enabled

Sales Ledger > Account Update - Account name shown on screen now cannot be changed, the name is now in the details section.  It is also no longer necesary to click the update button, a new "Save" button has been added. If an account has been updated, you are now given the option to reject the changes. These changes are designed to prevent accidental updating of accounts.

Purchase Ledger > Account Update - Account name shown on screen now cannot be changed, the name is now in the details section.  It is also no longer necesary to click the update button, a new "Save" button has been added. If an account has been updated, you are now given the option to reject the changes. These changes are designed to prevent accidental updating of accounts.

Vehicle Sales Order Processing > Deleting an accessory was leaving the retail price of the accessory on the deal and causing invalid nominal transactions (sale/discount). The delete option routine now zeros the retail price.

Sales Managers Toolkit > Pipeline Profit Report > Road Fund Licence profit has now been added as a seperate column on this report to assist in checking that RFL costs are correct.


Re-issue of V1.9.369


Parts > View/update Part > Setting alternative parts nos wasn't saving the alternatives. This is fixed.

Vehicles > Sales Managers Toolkit > Profit Report > if the profit report had no vehicles to display, an invalid line of data was reported.  This is fixed

SMS > Integration of new lower cost SMS Service into Navigator

Customer Record > Vehicle > Purchase Details > Finance Rate, Payment and Final Payment have been added to this screen

Nominal ledger > Transaction Reports > All date fields now sort in proper date order

Sales Managers Toolkit > Pipeline Profit Report > Finance Company added to the report


Vehicles > Parameters > Receipts Nominal code - allows extra nominal codes for receipts to be allocated to - this is configured on a branch specific basis.  Ideal for configuring write-off codes or for dealer subsidies.

Vehicles > Stock Record > Post Receipts - the drop-down for payment type now has the addition of any additional receipts nominal codes.


AutoVHC Interface > Updated to support multiple workshops.

Customer Record > Mobile No > Mobile Validation option added (requires additional subscription). This validates that not only is a mobile number to the correct format but also that it is a genuine number.  This is designed to reduce keying errors.

Workshop > Create Appointment > Mobile No Validation option added.

Parts > Quotations > options for Quotations to customer and jobs added.

Customer Record > Email Address > Email Address option added (requires additional subscription). This validates that not only is a email address to the correct format but also that it is a genuine email address.  This is designed to reduce keying errors.

Nominal Ledger > Transaction Report > It is now possible to enter a "*" as the nominal type to select all nominal types for a particular code

Sales Managers Toolkit > Pipeline Report - Pipeline report has extra columns with : Reg No, Chassis No, Px Write Down, Count of Part Exchanges, Pdi/Prep seperated.


Sales Manageres Toolkit > Profit Report - has extra columns : Count of Part Exchanges, Pdi/Prep seperated, Bonus



Workshop > Reception > Diary View - when selecting in the diary, the diary loading now displays at the bottom in "split-screen" mode.

Workshop > Diary Loading View - this now has a filter to show Waiting only/Collections Only/Courtesy Car Only

Parts > Goods In > bug in goods in when editing goods in lines by searching for part nos has been fixed (previously it was possible to duplicate a part no on a goods in)

Nominal Ledger > Setup > Nominal Codes -= a new Export option to export the list of nominal codes to a spreadsheet has been added.

Parts > Stock Orders > Parameters - On the front screem there is a new tick box which causes the removal of the highest and lowest sale in the history.  This helps remove one-off demand from the ordering process.  Also, on a new tab it is possible to define different lead times by franchise - this is added to the stock order demand levels.

Parts > View/Update Details > Outstanding orders are now shown on the "Stock" tab.

Workshop > Reception > It is now possible to add extra statuses which show in the reception and receiption t-card screens - there are set in Workshop Parameters > Job Statuses.    Jobs can be manually assigned to a status using the "drop-down" at the bottom left hand side of the job (providing the job has been accepted and is not invoiced)

Vehicles > Sales Profit Analysis on Deal - The expected cost on part exchanges with overallowances now shows correctly.



Retail > Epos > deposits - the accounting for deposits taken was incorrect, the nominal entries created were adding the VAT into the deposit and then recording a discount.  This has been corrected.

Vehicles > Stock Record > Profit analysis - the margin VAT on the profit analysis was sometimes incorrect if the vehicle has not been invoiced.  This has been corrected.

Vehicles > Stock Record > Additional Costs - if multiple additional costs lines have been entered on a stock record, then these costs do not show in the expected column on the profit analysis or when posting the purchase invoice.

Parts > Epos > There is a new "note" button which allows the entry of a short note which will print immediately below the part details on the invoice.

Marketing > Campaigns > Selection on Sales Enquiry Details is now possible, including Date Created, Sales Executive, Enquiry Source and Enquiry Type.

Marketing > Campaigns > Selection on Service Plan details is now possible, including Supplier, Type, Date Started and Date Finished.

Marketing > Campaigns > Report > New fields are available to display/export Service Plan details onto a report

Marketing > Campaigns > an update to the campaign selection routine has increased the performance of the selection.

Sales Ledger > Invoice > Invoice Print - a new Navigator form is available to print these.  This form will require logos & names/addresses setting manually if needed.

Purchase Ledger > Payments > Remittance Advice has been converted into a dedicated form.  This will require logos and names/addresses setting manually if needed.

Purchase Ledger > Setup > a new "Setup" button is available in the purchase ledger - this allows the setup of Email Subject & Body for sending with Emailed Remittance Advices.

Purchase Ledger > Payments > Suppliers with email addresses will now receive emailed remittance advices for BACS payments only.  This relies on the email parameter in Purchase Ledger Setup to be configured.

Vehicles > Supplementary Invoices > It is now possible to discount Supplementary items by double-clicking on the line in the summary once the accessory has been entered.

Vehicles > Sales Order Processing > Deleting an accessory once the initial sales order has been raised now no longer deletes the accessory but prefixes it with the word "(Deleted)" and changes the sale/cost to zero.

Workshop > Releasing Jobs - if the Next Service or MOT date is historical then an extra warning is displayed to highlight this before allowing the job to be released.

Parts > EPOS > the "note" button is now only highlighted when a part is entered on screen.

Workshop > Technicians clock - entering a mileage that is lower than the last recorded mileage now prompts if the entered mileage is correct


Interfaces > Fiat > Fiat CSI Report > New option to export Fiat Workshop CSI report information for upload to FIAT

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Allocating costs > sometimes when allocating parts costs to vehicles with multiple accessories, it would allocate to an "other option" accessory at the end of the list.  This is now corrected.

Purchase Ledger > Suggested Payments > New option to generate and process a suggested payments list.

Parts > Booking parts to a job in another branch now verifies that this is correct before booking the parts out.

Vehicles > Non Mechanical Requests > Once requested, it's now possible to remove this request (by re-highlighting the line)

Parts > Negative stock > when crediting a part from a customer, if the part had negative stock, the negative wasn't being "absorbed" by the credited part and required a manual stock check to clear. This has now been corrected.

Parts > Stock Ordering > Kia / Hyundai Parts Export added to to interface with the Kia/Hyundai parts system.

Workshop > SMS > Ability to configure to automatically send SMS text messages to customers to remind them to bring their vehicles in the next day.  This needs some pre-configuration, please contact the helpdesk to switch on.


SMS Messaging > Multi-line text messages were not formatting correctly upon receipt.

VAT Return > VAT on Deposits report - some vehicles which had been invoiced and then subsequently credited were missing from this report.

Sales Ledger Clearance > Sales Ledger transactions and payments are now cleared when paid - even if there are other part payments or unallocated receipts.

Purchase Ledger Clearance > Purchase Ledger transactions and payments are now cleared when paid - even if there are other part payments or unallocated payments.

Sales Order Processing > Adding dealer accessories which have no cost setup - a bug which caused the accessory not to be added to the sales order correctly has been fixed.

Vehicles > Selling vehicle to another branch > a bug which caused the service history on the vehicle to not be transferred has been fixed.

Workshop > Releasing a job > If the job is the first job carried out on the vehicle on Navigator but no service was carried out, the suggested service date was moved on 12 months, even if the vehicle had a next service date.   The logic has been updated to not update.

RTC > Updates to interface with RTC

Parts > Parts Sales > Parts in negative stock now show a negative available stock (also in view/update parts)

Vehicles > Invoicing > Customer category on the customer record was not always updated with the sale category.  A utility corrects historical data when the release is installed.

Parts > View/Update Records > Supercession - there is now the ability to clear a supercession on a part

Vehicles > Administration > Adopt PX - If there is an error adopting the part exchange no error was being displayed.  This is now corrected.

Parts > Managers Toolkit > Invoice Report - if detailed option was selected, the report included Oil & Lubricant sales (which are excluded in the non-detailed version). These have been removed for consistency.

Workshop > Invoice > Two new fields are available on the Workshop Invoice Form - NextServDate and NextMotDate which allow the Next Service and MOT dates to be printed on an invoice.

Workshop > Job Card > Service Plan Details are now available to print on job cards - Field names are ServicePlanSupplier, ServicePlanType, ServicePlanExpiry & ServicePlanRef.

Workshop > Invoice > Invoices for Sales vehicles which had been sold to fleets were not always printing the correct chassis no on the invoice (it was printing the details of other vehicles the customer owned).  This is corrected.

Interfaces > Fiat > Fiat CSI > New option to export FIAT Monthly CSI Report.


Workshop > Job Progress > VRM button available from within workshop job

Workshop > Job Progress > Tick boxes at the bottom of the job have had the "Return" option removed and a "Service Plan" tick box option added to indicate if the vehicle is on a service plan

Workshop > Job Progress > Contact Tab > Service Plan details have been added to this tab

Workshop > Job Progress > Notes > Adding a note now has the ability to select a predefined notes text

Workshop > Service Parameters > Email/SMS > a new sub tab allows the definition of standard notes which can be used when progressing a job (normally used for email/sms).

General > Previewing a form on screen > if the form (eg invoice) was defined to print duplex, printing the form from the preview screen wasn't duplexing it. This has been fixed.

Vehicles > Transfer to another branch > fixes bug in nominal entries which was not transferring the total write down to the other branch

Nominal Ledger > Reports > Schedule Nominal > Reports by stock no now correctly and consistly show the correct close date.


Customer Record > Vehicle > Adding a vehicle that is already in the system.  This now highlights if any of the vehicles are in the workshop as this will cause the vehicle to be deleted from the other customer record.

Marketing > Campaigns > Reports > whien printing the derivative, if there is no derivative the "other" description on the vehicle. 

Vehicles > Supplementary Invoice > If invoicing a Road Fund Licence by supplementary invoicing, whilst the invoice creates correctly the Road Fund Licence didn't appear in the sales list.  This has been corrected.

Workshop > Creating Appointment > New "VRM" Check button on initial confirmation screen wasn't always working - this has been fixed.

Purchase Ledger > Payments > If multiple bank accounts are in use and the wrong bank account is selected, the purchase ledger peyment posts to the wrong bank account.  This has been corrected.


Vehicles > Sales Managers Toolkit > Reports > Sales League - now analyses sales by sales person

Staff Records > Privileges > Parts > Parts Margin to reStaff Records > Privileges > Sales > New option to allow deals to be re-opened. PLEASE NOTE: no staff will be able to re-open a deal unless this option is selected on their staff record.

Workshop > Reception > Create appointment > Now shows full customer contact details so they can be verified

Workshop > Reception > Create appointment > Now shows service plan details

Workshop > Reception > Create appointment > Now has the ability to VRM check the vehicle.

Workshop > Reception > Create Appointment > Now has the ability to print job cards out when creating the appointment

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Supplementary Invoices > raising a warranty supplementary invoice was causing the wrong price to be invoiced to the customer. This has now been fixed.

Sales Ledger > Debtors List > Drilling into an account on the debtors list was causing an error. This is now fixed.

Parts Managers Toolkit > Cash Account Payment > Payment method (cash/cheque/credit card) is now reflected correctly on the till reconciliation report.

Workshop > Managers Toolkit > WIP Report > Fixed bug whereby Sub contract figures were added into Parts column as well as sub-contract column


Parts Stock Check > Stock Check Completion Sheet > the branch no on the sheet would often show incorrectly (though the print itself was correct). This has been fixed.

Workshop > Sub Contract Order > printing the sub contract order will often print the wrong persons name as the authoriser. This has been fixed.

Vehicles > Closing Deals > When closing a deal with a zero retail price, a zero entry with a quantity of 1 is now procesed to maintain the statistics.

Nominal Ledger > Transactions - this is a new option which allows a "clearing" nominal code to have transactions linked together when they clear and therefore maintain unreconciled transactions. The nominal codes that support linking required setup in Utilities>Setup (within the nominal code setup). It is also possible to Search for nominal transactions by linked reference. Enquiring on a linked nominal transaction shows the linking reference (which shares the batch no sequence). It is also possible to add the "linking reference" to nominal transaction reports for reporting purposes.

Volkswagen > ElsaPro > Updates to Elsa pro interface to fix errors when searching for stock vehicles. Also updated to send less ElsaPro update requests whilst the job is in progress.

Volkswagen > Saga-2 > updates made to support the Saga-2 Interface

Volkswagen > FISH > updates made to fix issues with the FISH interface.

General > Post Code PAF Search > The post code is now reformatted into the "proper" post code format.

Parts > Point of Sale > When booking out ordered parts, this generated an warning message relating to negative stock for each part line. This warning has been removed.


Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Setup > Transaction Report - New Field available for transaction report - "Posted Date" which is the date the nominal transaction was posted.

Vehicles > Sales Managers toolkit > Sales League report - Correct the Units column which was displaying incorrect (large) figures.

Vehicles > Sales Managers toolkit > Profit Report - Correct the BONUSES column, was showing £100.00 as £10000.

RTC - Allow closed bookings to be reviewed and return service history for internal stock vehicles.


Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Management Accounts Export - Bug fixed which was causing the export file to be incomplete.

Service Managers Tookit > Technicians update > Removing holidays was causing a corruption on later holidays. This is now fixed.

Vehicles > Parameters > Stock List Configuration > Made 'Tax Band' available for listing in the Stock Lists.

Workshop > Reception > Ability to book in Sales Vehicles (new button on button bar) - this is user configurable in staff record privileges

Polk > Polk Extract > Updates made to Polk Extract

Warranty > Warranty Invoice Posting > Nominal ledger entries updated to tag the job numbers correctly - this enables scheduling of the warranty ledger account in future.

Volkswagen > Updates to Saga-2 Interface

Vehicles > Sales Managers toolkit > Sales Profit report now splits out Bonus as a seperate column (for deals closde after this update only).

Vehicles > Sales Managers toolkit - Unit count on Commission only deals should now be correct (for deals closed after this update only)

Parts Transfer - When transferring parts between branch the audit was being updated with the incorrect transfer cost of the price, this has now been corrected.


Parts > Point of Sale > If a credit account is selected from within the Parts Sale the available credit for that customer is shown on the top title bar (after the customer name).

Customer Search - Resolved an issue when searching for a vehicle registration sometimes didn't return a valid vehicle where a customer had multiple vehicles.


Vehicles > Sales Order Processing > Approval Screen - PReparation costs now show the expected PDI for used plus the budget for Prep - these are overidden by the actual costs if they are higher.

Vehicles > Sales Order > User Defined fields from the vehicle are now available to print on the sales order

Workshop > Job Card > Vehicle User Defined fields are now available to be included on the job card

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Reports > Actions Report > Now includes the list of delivered vehicles that have not been closed.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Reports > Prep Report > Now shows customer name, delivery time and chassis no

Vehicles > Sales Order Book > Now shows delivery time as well as date

Nominal Ledger > Transaction report > now allows the entry of a full extended nominal code to report on

Nominal Ledger > Transaction Report > now allows the entry of a "*" inn location, department, type or nominal code fields to display "all" (eg 1.30.40.* to list all nominal codes beginning with 1.30.40.).

Workshop > RTC Interface > Added option for RTC to retrieve full monthly invoice list.



Vehicles > Sales Order > Export Sales - there is now the ability to enter the customers VAT number (for the invoice and vat return)

Retail > EPOS > bug fix in decimal quantities.

Service Managers Toolkit > Reports > Technicians Report - Show Labour COS amount.


Workshop - Job Card - it is now possible to add the Next Service Date (Variable NextService) and Next MOT Date (Variable NextMot) to the job card layout.

Vehicle Sales Order - Telephone numbers and email fields are now derived from Personal/Business details as applicable.

Parts Manager's Toolkit > Advanced Reports > Aged Stock List - Now always set the branch to run against to be the branch you're logged into.

Vehicles > Vehicle Admin > Assigning Costs - All unassigned costs are now defaulted to "PR" for Preparation unless any other cost centre is more applicable.

Marketing > View Customer/Prospect > Vehicle > Service Follow Up - The display now shows Last Service/Last MOT and Delivery Date on the vehicle record.

Marketing > Service Follow Up > Secondary List - 'Booked Job' column details now shows correctly.


Parts / Workshop - If a customer is over their credit limit or their account is closed then this is highlighted when the customer is selected (rather than waiting until the invoice is completed).


Workshop - Cancelling job with Parts Order - this has now been disallowed. The parts order will now require cancelling first or moving to another job.

Workshop - Transferring Parts order to a new job - this was incorrectly not updating the parts order to report as being on the new job. This has been fixed.

Workshop - If a customer is set to bill to a credit account and the account is over it's credit limit or closed then this will be flagged on screen in the "payee" section.

Workshop - Proforma Invoice - it is now possible to email a proforma invoice. (File > Email when a proforma is on screen)

Parts - Invoice Print - if a part is credited, this now prints the invoice it was credited from

Marketing > View Customer/Prospect > Audit - Extended to record changes to Business and Vehicle detail changes as well as Personal.

Workshop > Invoice Printing - Corrected error on new 'form' based invoice where incorrect vehicle details were showing for customers with multiple vehicles.

Marketing > Service Follow up > New option to print a "CSI" report of all service customers between two dates

Service >  Create Appointment > If a customer is set for "No Mailshot" in Marketing Profiles, this is reported in a pop-up when the customer is selected.

Marketing > View Customer > Audit - the audit now includes changes to business and vehicle details.


Re-release of 1.9.349


Vehicles > Settlement Cheque Posting > Bug fix which was preventing the accounting for settlement cheques.

Nominal Ledger > Transaction Report > When running multiple transaction reports one after the other, sometimes a column displays 3 question marks in the field.

Parts Managers Toolkit > Stock List - Add Hazardous indicator to report.

Utilities > Report Generator > Bug fixes in selection and display routines

Vehicles > Contra Settlement > The "Show Receipts" function now shows the correct date and nominal batch (it was showing the actual date, not the accounting date and no batch)

Vehicles > Parameters > Stock List Configuration > It is now possible to add User Defined fields to the stock list,

Sales Ledger > Account Enquiry > Vehicle invoices now show the reg no and last 8 digits of the chassis no to help with matching payments.

Marketing > Export to Vital Software > Export has been re-written to upload a full dataset each night rather than just 1 days data.

Vehicles > Bonus Posting > The correct staff no is now attached to the batch generated by this posting.

Purchase Ledger > Creditors List > Some unallocated payments were not being included in the overall balance - this meant that the creditors list didn't cross-cast or balance to the nominal ledger. This is now fixed.
Service Manager's Toolkit > Reports > WIP - Allow sorting in date order for Appt Date and Date Wanted columns.


Volkswagen > FISH > updates to internal file formats

Volkswagen > Saga-2 > updates to internal file formats

Parts > Point of Sales > if a customer has a credit account which is on hold or over it's credit limit, as well as reporting this as a comment on screen, a pop-up box also appears which needs "OK" to be clicked to continue.

Parts > Update Parts > On the dealer page is a new box entitled "Retail" - this is a branch specific sale price override which applies to that branch.


Parts > Stock Orders > New export added to support MAN trucks.


Vehicles > Posting Settlement Cheque - if the settlement was on the second part exchange when there is more than one then this was failing. This has been corrected.

Parts > Managers Toolkit > New "Advanced Reports" tab added with some new reports.

Workshop > Warranty > Payments Report > bug fixed which was preventing any detail printing on the report


Vehicles > Transfer vehicle to another branch - this failed with an error if there was an open workshop job. This now transfers correctly.

VRM Check > Problem with certain Web Proxy servers (particularly at VW dealers)

Nominal Ledger > Journal - entries to secondary bank accounts were not historically updating the cash book reconciliation screen - this has been corrected


Workshop > Creating Appointment > SMS Confirmation upgraded to use similar format message as email confirmation

Workshop > Parameters > Email/SMS - Option now added to define SMS confirmation email

Utilities > Copy Document - it is now possible to print a copy of a range of invoices by entering the invoice range in the form from-to eg 100-150

Accounts > Purchase Ledger > Transactions - When printing the batch against an invoice the transactions are now sequenced in the order they were processed.

Parts > Invoicing > If the sale price of a part is greater than the Retail price, the Retail price on the invoice is increased to the sale price (though this won't have any effect on the accounting which will show negative discount given)

Vehicle Adminstrators Toolkit > Vehicle Stock Record > Service History tab - fixed bug whereby random service bookings/wip were being displayed as part of the service history.

Nominal Ledger > Schedule Nominal > Vehicle invoice date being displayed was not correct.

Nominal Ledger > Transaction Report > Two new fields have been added to the transaction report - Bank Statement Reference and Date Cleared on Bank Statement. These are useful for reconciling the bank account.

Service Manager's Toolkit > Till Reconciliation - Now displays deposits correctly against credit notes processed on a later date to the original invoice.

Overnight routines - corrected an issue where an invalid company number was passed, causing the routine to crash.

Overnight routines - corrected an issue where when selecting PL creditors no items were selected, causing the routine to crash

Vehicles > Credit Notes - fixed bug when crediting invoices which are themselves a credit value (examples are where the Part exchange value is more than the car being purchased or a supplementary invoice of a negative value accessory).

Workshop > Invoices - Where a part with an O-U-R (Old Unit Return) was credited, both the O-U-R credit and debit were displayed on the invoice. These are now netted off and don't display.

Setup > Forms Designer > Forms can now be set to print double-sided. Simply create the second page on the form and then create a Variable in the Dictionary called "DuplexPrint"

Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Management Accounts - new option added to support new Management Accounts Suite.

Marketing > Campaigns - was excluding records from selection where Service Follow Up was set to anything but 'Follow up for Service & MOT', corrected this and added Service Follow Up as a reportable field.

Parts Managers Toolkit > Invoice Report - Where a deposit was credited against a part on the invoice, the deposit amount was reducing the value of the invoice and causing incorrect figures to be displayed, this has now been corrected.

VRM > internal change to VRM caused by change of DMS web site (which hosted the vrm system)


Workshop - Invoices - Credit Invoices are reported more clearly as Credit Sales

Vehicles > Sales Managers Toolkit > Order Book - Correct sorting of Invoice Date and Delivery date columns and add in 'Delivered' column.

Vehicles > Sales Managers Toolkit > Stock List - Display full date of registration, rather than just month and year.

Marketing > View Customer/Prospect - System was allowing creation of orphaned vehicle records, amended overnight routine to 'delete' these.

Workshop > Parameters > Labour Rates > Warranty Rates - updates to labour rates now save correctly

Nominal Ledger > Transaction report > Search Option - now allows the selection of a report style, instead of displaying a standard report style.

Marketing > Campaigns > Selection by Company Name was not working - this is now fixed.

Vehicles > Parameters > RFL - it is now possible to delete lines from the RFL table

Workshop Managers Toolkit > Job Usage Report - This report has been corrected to only report on the branches selected

Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Setup - The Trial Balance Setup now has the option to consolidate the Vehicle Suspense accounts - this removes all the type 11/21/22/31 accounts from future postings and creates a single account for Vehicle suspense eg If you wish to switch this on, then please contact the helpdesk to rebuild your nominal ledger to correct historical transactions.

Parts > Point of Sale > Transfer - Don't overwrite stock location when transferring a part to a branch.

Vehicles - Now shows specification details for Demo, Car Hire, Loan, Company Vehicle and Contract Hire vehicles as per new vehicles.

Parts > Parts View/Update > Supercede Part - it was historically possible to supercede a part to a blank part number or a space character.

Purchase Ledger > Account Enquiry > Transaction Detail - the screen has been split into two tabs, the second of which is the GANI allocation - this allows more detail to be displayed.

Purchase Ledger > Account Enquiry > Gani > Transfer Gani to another account - the copy goods in note now shows that it has been transferred to create an audit trail of this transaction

Vehicles > Vehicle Admin Toolkit - Don't allow transfer of a stock item between branches if there are outstanding workshop jobs and ensure that unallocated costs that balance back to zero are allocated.

Accounts > Purchase Ledger > Transaction tab - Make Date field sort as a date field, rather than text.

Marketing > View Customer/Prospect > History - Add Miles column to display vehicle mileage recorded against service invoices.

Workshop > Service Reception > Create Appointment - If a customer has multi-line special requirements, these now show as multiple lines rather than one long line.

Vehicles > Vehicle Admin Toolkit - Invoice Vehicle uses the order customer type to determine the delivery address of the vehicle, if set to Business on the order, the business address is shown as the delivery address on the order.

Workshop - RTC Interface - Vehicle Details returned correctly to/from Navigator to show correctly in RTC follow up and job management system.

Workshop - RTC Interface - RTC Fixed Price copied into Navigator Menu Price field.

Workshop - RTC Interface - Job lines unauthorised in Navigator are deleted from RTC as well.

Vehicles > Closing Deals > The system automatically posts a prepayment to allow for costs which have been posted in the month following the deal being closed (to nominal br.3x.70.96), however, on occasion the incorrect value would be prepaid. This has been corrected.

Nominal Ledger > Reports > Reconcile - a new option has been added which reconciles and reports on a number of balance sheet accounts daily (see the nominal ledger section of the online help for more details)

Nominal Ledger > Reverser Journal > previously any VAT related entries would not have put an entry on the VAT return.  This is now corrected


Purchase Ledger - Gani - If for some reason an entry is allocated to the GANI which has no goods in note number a "Defaultxxx" entry is now filled in by default - this avoids an issue where sometimes the gani entries cannot be cleared

Customer Record - Vehicle - Registration numbers are now converted to upper case when they are entered

Workshop > Release Jobs > If an error occurs which means that the job is unable to be released, then instead of closing the job it now stays open.


Marketing > View New Customer List - Added Status column to show customer records that are 'deleted'.

Volkswagen > SLI Interface > Date of last status change now recorded

Volkswagen > SLI Interface > Old SLI Details removed 30 days after they are removed from the SLI system.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Pre-adoption of Part Exchange > Wasn't allowing a PX to be adopted if it had a settlement figure of "0" entered (as opposed to not entering a figure at all)

Parts Managers Toolkit > Invoice Report - Add VAT column.

Nominal Ledger > Journal Post > Option to import nominal (See help pages for full description of how to use).

Multi-processing Check - From time to time, Navigator will multi-post a transaction 2 or 3 times. This was normally due to an network disconnection on the PC which meant that the confirmation from the server that the transaction had been processed was not received. The Navigator client tries up to 3 times to process the transaction - often duplicating it. A test has been made to many routines to prevent identical requests within a 10 second interval - this should prevent this issue. Routines that this has been added to include : Vehicle purchase invoice processing, Parts Invoices, Parts Goods In, Purchase Invoice and Payments, Nominal Journal.

Workshop > Warranty > Payments Report - new report added to warranty ledger to report on the allocation of all payments made between two dates.

Sales Ledger > Invoice Posting (Nominal Ledger > Sales Journal) - Nominal ledger references weren't being attached to the nominal transactions - this is now fixed.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Bonus posting - now prompts and allows a second bonus to be posted without leaving the bonus posting screen. Also bug fixed whereby the reference has the incorrect stock no.

Vehicles > Vehicle Administration > Reports > Stock List - new tick box added to exclude invoiced stock records


Vehicles - Delivery - The default has now been changed to say that the customer still owns his existing vehicle (rather than he doesn't which removes all cars from the record).

Purchase Ledger > GANI - Old unit returns for multiple parts, were not displaying correctly when viewed.

Purchase Ledger > GANI - Credited GI parts with a surcharge were not displaying the surcharge part when viewed, although the copy GI note did.

Manufacturer Interfaces > Volkswagen > Seat CSS Extract - bug fix to allow date selection entry

Vehicles > Sales Manager's Toolkit > Profit Report - Some amount columns were out of line with their headings, amended to line up correctly.

Vehicles > Sales Manager's Toolkit > Sales League - Reliant upon details from Profit Report, so changed inline with above change.

Vehicles > Add Used vehicle > VRM lookup - bug fixed which meant that Engine No wasn't being recorded automatically

View Customer/Prospect - Add viewable audit of customer record creation and amendment.

Workshop Reception > View Diary > When displaying a diary day - any diagnostic work now displays the issue to be diagnosed (rather than simply "Investigate & Report"

Workshop - Technicians Clock - Touch Screen - a fix has been put into this to prevent random crashing of the Navigator application when this screen is open and running.

Vehicles > Part Exchange Purchase Invoice > Part Exchange Mileage is now returned from the Sales Order entry rather than directly from the vehicle

Vehicles > View Vehicle > Part Exchange Tab - It is now possible to update the PX Mileage without recalling the Sales Order

Vehicles > Sales Order Print > if there is no Home Telephone but there is a mobile number on the customer record, then this is printed on the sales order.
Nominal Ledger > Ledger Reports - It is now possible to define a ledger report (In Nominal > Utilities > Setup) such that periods 1-12 values are in seperate columns

Workshop - Job Processing - there is now the ability to override the hourly labour rate on a specific job line (double click on the line and enter the labour rate in the box).


Marketing > Customer Selection > Fix when clicking the option to "Update Customer Record" not returning the correct customer record.

Sales Toolkit > Enquiry Manager > Create Enquiry - fix when selecting a customer record not returning that customer into the created enquiry.


Vehicles > Sales > Close Deal - Was allowing deals with unallocated costs to be closed (affected labour only service jobs).

Vehicles > transfer to branch > if a vehicle has a bonus on the bonus was not transferred to the other branch with the vehicle and required a journal to correct. This has now been fixed.

Renault > EDR > a change to the EDR file layout has been made to prevent multiple invoices from a snigle job card being recorded at Renault as seperate job cards


Vehicle Admin > Actions Report - Show that a vehicle has unallocated costs even if they balance back to zero, also shows when deleting a stock record.

Marketing - Customer Record - If vehicle record was changed, and then the "Reject Updates" button clicked, the changes were still saved. This has been corrected.

Vehicles System - If accessing a workshop job from the vehicles stock record, you can no longer do any job processing if you cannot access the workshop system as well.

VRM Check - Carweb - a bug in the new Carweb VRM lookup system has now been fixed whereby re-VRM checking an existing customer record would remove the service and MOT follow up dates from the record.

Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - selling a vehicle with a zero retail price - the Retail price for accounting purposes is set to the same as the sale price (this means that used vehicles will always have a sale price).

Purchase Ledger - Invoice posting - if a line was deleted from the nominal ledger posting list then the references were re-displayed on-screen as a "1". This has been corrected.

Workshop - Technicians Clock - updated to prevent random hangs that were occuring on some PC's.

VRM - Update to new VRM system to work with Internet Proxies

Vehicles - Split Invoices - Fix to enable split invoices with one of the splits invoiced to the finance company automatically (this previously needed manually configuring)

Workshop - Warranty Invoices - Parts prices not being rounded correctly when on a manually priced split invoice line.

Vehicles - When updating the estimated delivery date of a vehicle, the PX due in date was not being amended.

Vehicles - New Vehicles - it is now possible to update the colour of a new vehicle (via an "Update Colour" button on the stock record)

Vehicles - Pipeline Profit Report - Corrected Delivery column to allow for correct sorting by date and added additional column to show vehicle 'Delivered'.

Vehicles - PX Settlement Payment - It is now possible to reverse a settlement cheque payment.

Parts - Negative Stock - The system was historically not accounting for the cost of surcharges when generating Negative Stock. This has now been corrected.


Vehicle History - Wasn't showing if the vehicle was attached to a Sales Ledger customer account record.

Stock Take List - Show superceded parts that have non-zero stock.

Parts Stock Check - Stock Adjustments Report headings now show in correct order.

Workshop - Job Processing - Viewing a warranty job when no warranty job existed. Bug fixed which was causing an extra blank job card for the customer.

Subcontract Orders - When multiple subcontracts for the same supplier are raised on a jobcard, a separate order will be raised for each job.

Vehicle Administration - Allocating Workshop Costs - Allocating to "Prep" now shows as "Prep" on the Costs analysis screen (was showing as sundry)

Parts - Booking to workshop - if parts are being booked to a job in a branch which is a seperate company then the user will be prompted to confirm that this is the intention.

Workshop - adding a request to a job - if the Due for Service/Mot/Bodyshop tick boxes are ticked, and then the automated description is changed, the user is now reminded that this job will now not be treated as a service/mot/bodyshop job for follow-up or processing purposes.

Sales Ledger - Invoice posting - now prevents posting the the VAT nominal ledger accounts.

Sales Ledger - Invoice posting - Invoice date can now not be after the nominal date for the batch

Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Invoice date can now not be after the nominal date for the batch

Sales Ledger - If posting a manual invoice to an internal account the system now prevents entry of a VAT figure.

Vehicles - Parameters - Model Price - the option to reprice vehicle stock wasn't working unless a branch no is entered. This has been fixed.

Purchase Ledger - Account Enquiry - bug fixed whereby repeatedly going into the same account enquiry cumulates the unallocated value on the summary at the bottom of the screen rather than zeroing each time.

Service Follow Up - Now shows jobs booked against vehicles included in the follow up list.


Utilities - Staff Records - On privileges it is now possible to select if a staff member can delete a customer.

Vehicle Administration - Vehicle Record - Details Tab - it is now possible to enter the no of previous owners

Workshop - Job Processing - On "View" tab at the top of the screen, there is a new button on the button bar to view/print a CSI print for the customer. This is a form that can be dealer customised. (It is useful for Warranty Job Cards to generate signoff sheets for customers)

Marketing - Campaigns - SMS - this has been upgraded to use the new SMS sending system.


Nominal Ledger - All nominal postings with zero value but with statistics historically didn't post, this update now processes the statistics. The main effects will be to count vehicles where the sale price is zero and to count labour hours where the labour sale is zero.

Customer Records - Customers with Vehicle set to no follow up - it was not possible to access the vehicle record to update once this was set.

Workshop - Warranty Jobs - keying in a parts override on the parts section of the job will now override Warranty Parts chargeout

Workshop - Standard Job Setup - It is now possible to create a standard job with a seperate "Scheduled Hours" to Chargable hours.


- Carweb - Fix to Part Exchange entry using CarWeb.


- Reissue of 330 with bug fixes


Nominal Ledger - Utilities - Export to Composite - ability to select whether the export file generated is using the composite code or the nominal code. Statistics are also exported using this method. This is to better support franchises which use ASE for composite generated.


Vehicle Administration - Stock Record - Vehicle Build Week is now displayed on the Purchase Tab.
Workshop - Reception - View Diary - When a diary date is displayed, there is a new button to print a batch of all job cards due in for the date displayed.
Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Clock Card Summary report - re-written to have two views Detailed or Summary which either shows a summary by technician for the period or individual dates.
Workshop - Loan Car form - this now prints to the service invoice printer rather than the job card printer.
Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - When building a vehicle from price list it is now possible to sort the factory option list to enable easier searching


Marketing - Customer Record - Vehicle - Last known mileage is now displayed and can be updated.
Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Gani Allocation - there is now a test for maximum Gani W/Off - this involves a new Authority Number (in Setup > General Setup) and a parameter (in same parameter)


Workshop - Technicians Touch Screen - Will no longer be able to clock off a job and mark as "Complete" without first entering a mileage
Nominal Ledger - Journal - a journal line can now be annotated with a Job No
Nominal Ledger - Schedule - a nominal code can now be scheduled by Job No
Nominal Ledger - Transaction Report - Job No can now be added to a transaction report
Parts Managers Toolkit - No Stock Report - Reports on Parts with Bin Locations and No Stock.


Vehicle Administration - Preventing transferring vehicle to another branch or department whilst there are unallocated costs.
Staff Records - Priviliges - Accounts tab - ability to authorise staff member to process Till Reconciliations.
Vehicle Administration - Closing Deals - If a vehicle has not been adopted, it can now be closed (It is now listed as a potential problem)


Re-issue of 1.9.324 with bug fixes


Staff Record - Now has the ability to tick to allow access to Warranty System.
Staff Record - Now has the ability to allow a sales executive to close their own Sales Enquiries (defaults to off)
Parts - Goods In - Once a goods in has been completed, the goods in screen stays open ready for the next goods in
Vehicle Administration - Transferring a Vehicle to another Department (eg DEMO) - now prompts for a date of the transfer.
Vehicles - Stock Record - Costs Analysis - if a write down has been posted to a non-standard nominal code, this shows the nominal coe the write down was posted to.
Purchase Ledger - Gani Report - There is now an option to get a detailed list including each GANI transaction
Nominal Ledger - Schedule - Schdule for any vehicle accounts now show reg & chassis no
Nominal Ledger - Transaction Report - Option now to update the nominal ledger with todays transactions.
Sales Ledger - Debtors list now shows credit limits


Vehicle Administration - Posting costs - Posting costs to a Dealer Accessory was adopting the vehicle - this has been fixed
Parts Stock Check - Superceded numbers with stock now print on the stock check
Workshop Parameters - Shifts - New option that allows workshop hours to be set for diary calculation
Vehicles - Sales Orders - Manually entered finance commission is now transferred to the Vehicle record as commission expected


Vehicle Admin - Cancelled Vehicles - it was not possible to review cancelled vehicles. This is now possible (only by typing in the stock no)

Purchase Ledger - Invoice posting - Gani Allocation - a bug has been fixed whereby the GANI allocation wasn't working correctly when goods in notes were searched for by entering the Goods In Note no in the search box. Additional functionality has been added to allow search by partial Delivery Note No and Invoice No.

Workshop - Bodyshop - bug fix in Nominal Ledger postings on jobs in a bodyshop which are not on a bodyshop estimate.

Vehicle Admin - Creating Workshop Orders - If a workshop order is sent to a bodyshop, by default it will now create a Bodyshop Estimate (providing the Bodyshop is using the bodyshop system).
Bodyshop - A bodyshop Estimate can now have a free-text description (rather than just "Bodyshop Estimate") - this is a new tab on the bodyshop screen.
Vehicle Admin - Supplementary Invoice - If a dealer accessory page is longer than the screen, the scroll bars were not available. This is now fixed.
Workshop - It is now possible to have a seperate labour rate for new & used sales vehicles - this is setup in Workshop Parameters.
Parts - Parts Sales - after selecting a job, if a parts line is double-clicked on, it is now possible to change the price of the part on the job rather than simply credit. A credit button now exists which allows credit (the part is removed from screen to prevent double credit)


Nominal Ledger - Setup - Shortcuts - new Export button to export shortcut list to a spreadsheet
Vehicle Administration - Stock Record - Profit Report - Performance of this option increased
Nominal Ledger - Journal Post - After posting a journal the batch no is now displayed on screen
Workshop - Service Managers Toolkit - Courtesy Car Update - It is now possible to add/change courtesy cars
Sales Ledger - Posting Receipt- new button "Make Disc" next to the "Amount to allocate" box which converts any different into a discount - this is useful for writing off odd penny differences between what customers owe and the payment they make


- Maintenance release of 1.9.318


Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Clock Card - It is now possible for a manager to edit the technicians clock times in and out of the workshop (by double clicking on the line) and also their clock times on and off individual jobs (by right clicking on the clock line and clicking "Update").

Workshop - Bodyshop Job - It is now possible to configure a Vehicle Recover charge as zero rated by clicking the check box next to the entry of the recover charge.

Workshop - Bodyshop Job - It is now possible to add Additional Description/Price lines to a bodyshop job.

Sales Ledger - Account Enquiry - there is a new "notes" tab where Account related notes can be entered and viewed.

Volkswagen Group - SLI Interface - Adding a new vehicle using the SLI order reference is now faster

Marketing - Campaigns - Reports - It is now possible to report on the MOT Expiry Date

Vehicle Administration - Debtors Report - Pre adodpted Part Exchanges are now reported on the debtors list


Workshop - Invoicing - now prevents invoicing to accounts that are over credit limit
Workshop - Job Processing - clicking on parts now gives the opportunity to enter a discount or price for that part (up to the staff records maximum discount).


Bodyshop - Workshop Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - Paint/Sundries and Other items seperated out of labour charge
Workshop - Workshop Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - Labour Recovery rate calculated before menu priced discount
Nominal Ledger - Journal - Can now journal by entering a nominal code in full (rather than being forced so select from the nominal code builder)
Nominal Ledger - Ledger Report - bug fix - can now drill into a "Full" nominal code and view transactions for the month.
Nominal Ledger - Transaction Report - New Column available which shows the full nominal code.
Nominal Ledger - Journal - Lines that have been entered now display the stock no and account no posted to
General - SMS Texting - API changed so that text message sent via internet rather than as email.
Workshop - Interface to RTC - bug fixes


Valet System - Extra Updates


Re-release of 1.9.313 with some extra bug fixes


Workshop - Service follow up - the method of recognising a service or MOT has changed in this release, instead of checking for the "Service" & "MOT" skills on the job, Navigator now checks for job lines which have had the "Due for Service" or "Due for MOT" check box set when creating the customer request.
Workshop - Job Costing - it is now possible to configure different labour rates for each skill. If a labour rate for a skill has been entered, then this overrides all other setup on customer jobs except for a customer specific labour rate.


Workshop - Bodyshop - "T-Card" display for bodyshops now has "Bodyshop" related statuses rather than workshop ones.
Workshop - Job Processing - it is now possible to post a receipt to a job whilst it is in progress - this is deducted from the final amount requested when releasing a job. The receipt uses a new nominal code (x.20.70.11) to account for the deposit.


Workshop - Job Processing - Addition of Bodyshop Job Processing
Workshop - Parameters - Bodyshop - Addition of Management Company setup for Bodyshop Jobs
Workshop - Job - Addition of "Scheduled time" as well as "Invoiced time" for job lines - this allows technicians to be scheduled less or more time than invoiced.
Workshop - Managers toolkit - Technicians update - It is now possible to mark a reason for a technician being absent as well as a time-range (allowing half days etc).
Workshop - Managers Toolkit - New Clock Card Report
Workshop - Reception - New Button bar has been added to replace old menus/buttons


Release of 1.9.309 with bug fixes


Sales Toolkit- Enquiry - Part exchange now has VRM lookup available
Sales Toolkit - Enquiry - if the Sales Exec has access to the Sales Managers toolkit then all options are available on an enquiry even if the sales exec is in the normal Sales Toolkit.


Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - There is now a button to convert a Sales Order to "Commission Only" - this removes the sale price of the vehicle, deliver charge and factory options and prompts for a Sales Ledger account to invoice to. This is used for sales of vehicles via third parties (finance companies) where only a handling charge or commission is charged.

Vehicles - Vehicle Administration - Purchase Tab - it is now possible to adopt a vehicle without posting a purchase invoice (there is an "Adopt" button). Similarly, there is the option to "Unadopt" a vehicle once it has been adopted.

Workshop - A new option is available in Workshop Parameters to "Split" Customer and Warranty Work. When selected, this option will take a job as it is created and split into two appointments - One for Warranty and one for Non-warranty work. When accepting either job it, both will be accepted and the job cards will have the option of saying "Retail" and "Warranty" at the top.

Workshop - Reception - T-Card Display - The "Completed - Customer Contacted" heading has been replaced by "Completed - Awaiting Warranty Costing". Warranty job cards are automatically moved to this heading on completion but job cards can also be manually moved from within the job.

Workshop - Reception - T-Card Display - Warranty only jobs are now highlighted in a darker blue (only if the split warranty job card option is used).

Workshop - If the option to split warranty jobs into a seperate job card is on, then there is a button on either job card to switch to the other job card.

Sales Ledger - Statements - The option for copy invoices with statements will now only print copies of current month invoices.

Sales Ledger - Cash Receipts - If Multiple bank accounts are defined, it is now possible to pick a bank account to post the recipt to (providing the receipt is posted "Direct to Bank").


Vehicles - Administration - It is now no longer possible to transfer a vehicle to be a demonstrator until it is first adopted.
Workshop - Job Card - There is now an option to print a separate Job card for Retail and Warranty Work (please refer to helpdesk to configure)
Vehicle Administration - bug fix when doIng a group search to allow the user to select a vehicle that is in this branch.
Vehicle Admin -Stock Record - When transferring a vehicle to another department, it is now possible to enter a default nominal code to use when posting a write down.
Vehicle Admin - Stock Record - Write Down - it is now possible to post the write down to any nominal expense account - this defaults to the nominal code entered when transferring departments.


Parts - Update Parts Record - bug fix to entry put into Audit trail which shows the wrong stock qty (actual stock is correct).
Parts - EPOS - Parts with Sell by Date Shelf life now pop up a message when sold within the EPOS.


Volkswagen NVS Updates - bug fixes to Service Event Data
Acclink - Bug fix to Acclink


Nominal Ledger - Purchase > Nominal Journal - this option allows a journal between the purchase ledger and the nominal ledger
Nominal Ledger - Recurring Journal - there are three new options in the nominal ledger - 1) Create a Recurring Journal, 2) View the journal list - double clicking on a journal allows it to be editted, 3) post journals.
Purchase Ledger - Account Enquiry - Gani List - highlighting a GANI entry and clicking "Transfer" allows a gani line to be transferred to another account.

Volkswagen NVS/DMS-I System - Final Release of software to support VW NVS/DMS-I


Nominal Ledger - Sales>Nominal Ledger journal added
Volkswagen - NVS Updates
Interfaces - Volkswagen - List Unposted Consignment Notes - New Option added to list unposted consignment notes. Double-clicking on a line posts the consignment note.

Nominal Ledger - Purchase>Nominal Journal - Facility added to journal an amount from a supplier account to the nominal ledger

Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - ability to cross post to nominal codes in different companies providing they share a common VAT number (inter-company accounts are automatically maintained).
Purchase Ledger - Option to switch branch added.
Sales Ledger - Option to switch branch added
Nominal Ledger - Option to switch branch added
Volkswagen Interfaces - Various updates for NVS/DMS-I update due in July
Vehicle Administration - Deconsigning a Vehicle - This can now be backdated.
Vehicle Administration - Posting Vehicle Invoice - fix that was preventing the reversal of the consignment nominal ledger entries when postnig the vehicle invoice.
General - Location of Navigator client files have moved from "dms windows" to "dms Navigator"
General - Navigator will now install correctly on PC's where the system drive is not drive C (though a drive C still needs to be present for Navigator work files).


- Vehicle Administration - Vehicle Recors - Details Tab - now has the abiilty to record the Road Fund Tax code


- Purchase Ledger - Payments by Bacs - now gives the option to download a file containing the payments which can be then imported into a banking/bacs system.
- Vehicle Administration - Recalling a Vehicle Order - bug fixed which was causing the workshop order to pop up twice when closing the order
- Marketing - Editing Letters - bug fixed which meant that this didn't work with some combinations of Windows/Word versions


- Workshop - Non Labour charges - if these are set up with nominal codes attached these will invoice now using these codes
- Workshop - Parameters - Non Labour charges - can now be added/editted
- Vehicle Administration - Supplementary Invoices - The invoice type printed on the invoice is now "Invoice" instead of "Copy"
- Purchase Ledger - Detailed Creditors Report - now allows entry of a date selection
- Sales Ledger - Statement Print - Now prints/emails copy invoices with statements for those accounts selected to do so
- Nominal Ledger - Reverse Journal - New option on Nominal ledger to "Reverse a batch" - this allows entry of a batch no or invoice no and creates a "reverse journal" which can then be posted
- Workshop - Warranty Ledger - Can now view paid claims details


- Volkswagen NVS Updates - bug fixes from original version

- Document Archiving - Minor updates


- Volkswagen Franchise Interfaces - Saga-2 Interface - Release of final version of software for factory testing
- Volkswagen - NVS Interfaces - Completion of all NVS related interfaces ready for switchover in July
- Volkswagen - DMS-I Comms - Updates to support DMS-I Comms infrastructure.
- Retail - Loyalty Card - Bug fixes
- Workshop - Loyalty Card - Ability to add points to a loyalty card in a workshop job.
- Vehicles - Administration - allow deletion of a vehicle with a registration number allocated.


- Vehicles System - Finance Subsidy - The ability to enter a finance subsidy has been added to the Sales Order Processing screen (F&I) tab - this will automatically reduce the vehicle debtors by the finance subsidy and show a cost to the deal of "Finance subsidy" which is accounted for in the nominal ledger under nominal code "88".


- Vehicle Administration - Stock Record - Purchase Tab - Now displays person who purchased vehicle (used only)


- Vat Return - Current Report - now has analysis of EC Sales Report
- Vehicle Administration - Bonus Posting - Now has the ability to backdate the bonus posting.
- Vehicle Administration - Debtors List - column for Vehicle Type (New/Used etc) added to ais nominal reconciliation
- Workshop - Job Card Processing - Warranty Costing - Costing Renault Warranty Job Costing - button added to allow entry of details to support Parts Warranty Claims.
- Retail/Parts - Loyalty Card Points system added - ability to allocate and redeem Loyalty Points
- Parts - Managers Toolkit - Parts Stock List - extra column added to highlight parts with sell by dates


- Workshop - Creating Appointment - Ability to send automatic email confirmation. This is a tick box on the final page of the workshop booking. This only works if an email address is setup for each staff record, and the email system is configured.
- Workshop - Service Parameters - Appointment Email Setup - the email template for sending email appointment confirmations is set here.
- Workshop - Invoice - Bug fix - problem that occured with customers with multiple vehicles where error is displayed "Vehicle not found" when invoicing.
- Vehicle Sales Order - Bug fixed in Changing delivery charges on sales orders which also have factory options


- Sales Ledger - Setup - New screen to setup text for email when sending statements by email
- Sales Ledger - Statements - tick box for sending statements by email (where setup), also tick box to print all statements (rather than email)
- Sales Ledger - Statements - New statement form to replace "text only" version.
- Sales Ledger - Account Updates - New tick box next to email address to select statements to be sent by email.
- General - Reporting - Bug fix whereby reports with totals on when displayed on screen don't print with totals when printed.


- Bug fix to new post code search routine for users with Web Proxys

- General - Post code lookup - Post Code Lookup methodology has been updated so that Post Code lookups are made over the internet. Therefore, all Navigator PC's that use Post Code lookup require access to the internet.
- Marketing - Campaigns - Selection is now possible on Vehicle User Defined Fields
- e-Goodmanners - Navigator now supports integration with the e-GM franchise hub. Users of the Navigator toolkit can automatically fulfill franchise standards where eGM hub integration is available - this includes Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Renault dealers.
- Nominal Ledger - Journal - posting a second journal without first closing the Nominal Ledger menu caused an error message to appear. This is now fixed.
- Nominal Ledger - Ledger Reports - A new column is available to add to Ledger Reports called "Composite Code" - this allows the trial balance to be mapped to franchise "Composite" codes and a report style created that can be exported straight to a spreadsheet file for importing into the franchise supplied composite system.
- Nominal Ledger - Ledger Reports - providing the "Long Nominal Code" has been added to the report, double-clicking on a line on the trial balance allows the line to be "drilled into" - this allows the composite code to be entered, and also shows a transaction report of the transactions that make the report


- Workshop - Managers toolkit - Invoice Report - Staff Name has now been replaced by first Technicians Name
- Customer - Vehicle - User Defined fields extended to allow lookups/check boxes etc.

- Nominal Ledger - Trial Balance - A more detailed version of the trial balance can now be reviewed - this involves two new codes on the Nominal Ledger Ledger Report Setup "Detailed Nominal Code" and "Analysis Description" - the Detailed nominal code is made of company.location.department.type.code.category.franchise.job type.make.model and the Analysis description describes this.

- Acclink - 4 new formulae are available in acclink - nominalytd, nominalmonth, nominalytdq, nominalqty - each of these takes the new "Nominal Code" (above) as a parameter. This allows acclink spreadsheets to be more simply built by referring to individual lines on the trial balance.

- Nominal Ledger - Journal - Now has the ability to add analysis of stock no and account no

- Nominal Ledger - Journal - Tick-box added to Reverse Journal - this reverses the journal entry on the first day of the following accounting period

- Parts - EPOS - Reports tab - when a product is selected there is now an option to view outstanding orders for a product

- Vehicles - Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Vehicle Stock Record - it is now possible to "unaccept" a vehicle that has erroneously been accepted into stock


- Parts - Export sales now fully complete the turnover box on the VAT return

- Vehicle Sales - Ability to flag a Sales Order as Vat-Free by way of Export.

- Nominal Ledger - Nominal Schedules Report - Analyses Balance sheet nominal codes by Stock No/Account No - useful for calculating back-dated analysis of key balance sheet accounts (eg Vehicle Stock, Vehicle Suspense Accounts, Vehicle Debtors, Sales Ledger Control, Purchase Control Gani etc).


- Workshop - Parameters - Non Productive codes can now be added/updated in this screen

- Workshop - Job Processing - On Scheduling tab you can now allocate a job to a technician (this is only a memo field at present)

- Volkswagen Interface - Importing overnight files now processes price updates fully and adds new parts that arrive on that days pack notes.

- Vehicle Administration Tookit - Vehicle Record - Invoicing Vehicle - a New vehicle invoice format has been created on this release.


- Marketing - Campaigns - Bulk SMS sending now available

- Marketing - Campaigns - Ability to filter campaigns to remove customers with no email or mobile nos.

- Workshop - Job processing - Renault interface to MCS Symptom Recording system added.


- Retail - Shop Managers Toolkier - Addition of seperate Detailed Invoice Report, with ability to preselect Supplier, Department, Category or individual product code to report on

- Volkswagen - Addition of code for ElsaPro Interface

- Marketing - Campiagns - Can now create an email template and send bulk email to everybody on the mailshot - this updates the customer history

- Nominal Ledger - Journals - when selecting a nominal code using "lookup" there is now an "Advanced" button which allows entry of category/franchise/make & model to further analyse the posting.

- Nominal Ledger - Setup - Shortcuts - Shortcuts can now also include the above analysis which allows detailed but safe posting from within the Sales and Purchase Ledgers.

- Nominal Ledger - Transaction Report - It is now possible to select a transaction report for a specific batch, stock no, job no or vehicle - there is a new "search" tab on the nominal ledger transaction report

- Workshop - Warranty - View Claim - the Parts Claimed value was showing incorrectly as the Parts Cost price rather than the claimed amount.

- Telephone Book - Bug fixed whereby all new entries are added to the Personal Telephone book even if the general phone book is displayed

- Sales Ledger - Customer List - New report listing all customers.


- Bug Fixes to VW Interfaces


- Volkswagen "FISH" interface

- Volkswagen Vehicle Interface

- Volkwagen Parts Pack Note Interface


- Internal Only Releases - bug fixes


* Parts - Managers Toolkit - New report - "Parts Movements" - shows sales movement by part number between two dates.

* Parts - EPOS - Export Sales were not VAT free as they should be

* Parts - EPOS - New button caled "Use Last Inv." appears next to the sale price if a customer has been preselected and has received a discount on a particular part in the recent past. Clicking this button will change the sale price to the last sale price (which is highlighted at the bottom of the screen).

* Parts - EPOS - When discounting a part, the discount "drop-down" now allows a 4th level of discount (which is stored on the parts record).

* Parts - EPOS - The No of lines on the parts invoice is now displayed on-screen (next to the goods and VAT)

* Parts - View/Update - On Links tab it is now possible to define Alternate parts, on the EPOS if a part has an alternative then a button appears next to the description saying "Alternates" - click this and list of alternative parts are displayed. Clicking on one of the alternates will return that product to the EPOS.

* Workshop - Accept Job - There is now an option to not print a job card (this is a tick box that can be deselected if no job card is required).


* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Bug fixed on matching debits and credits on Gani's used for Vehicle Bonuses

* Parts - Sales - if you preselect the customer and choose a part that has been sold to that customer previously, the previous sale price and date will be displayed.

* General - Report Printing - order of lines on report are typically now the same as on screen.



* Reduction in size of installer package (by about 20%) by removing Microsoft Office dll's that would already be distributed with Microsoft Office on the users PC

* Vehicle Admin - Demonstrator Vehicles - Transferring a vehicle to demonstrator (or other use) now prompts for an internal account for maintenance and creates a "customer" record for the vehicle.

* Workshop - Sales Demonstrator/Company Vehicles - Can now be booked into the workshop by searching for the registration no. Service history on this is integrated back into the vehicle history on the stock record and transferred to the customer when sold.

* Sales Ledger - View Account - there is now a button to view the customer record that represents this account - this is useful for setting Parts/Labour discounts.

* Retail - Goods In - When Accepting an order, the goods in has been rewritten - instead of blindly excepting all products, products ordered are displayed but have to be checked off on screen.

* Retail - Customer Orders - can now be processed through the main EPOS, and then the order printed/emailed through the order screen.

* Sales Ledger - Account Enquiry - Bug fixed which was causing Sales Ledger details to be blanked out in certain circumstances

* Workshop - Job Processing - Menus and button bar updated to new style

* Workshop - Complete MOT - now correctly suggests the date for next MOT as one years time

* Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Technicians Update - Holiday dates can be removed by double clicking on the date in the list



* Fixed bug in Nominal Journals which prevented journals to the VAT account being reflected on the VAT return


* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Updating product now allows products to be set up so that they don't print a bar code on goods in


* Parts/Retail - EPOS - If a sale will result potentially in negative stock a warning is displayed followed by a "beep" -


* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - New Report for Credit Goods In's so that Shop Managers can see which products that have been returned have not yet had a credit note received. In addition, it is possible to mark the goods as actually returned.


* Utilities - Copy Document - Purchase Order - There is a new "analyse" button which displays a detailed analysis of ordered/delivered/invoiced on a line by line basis on Purchase Orders.


* Retail - Purchase Order - View Order - The Total Order Value was not showing correctly, this has been corrected.


* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting to GANI against Retail Purchase Orders - now allows a line by line note to be entered (in case of query)


* Retail - Purchase Order - Manual Part Line Entry - the products entered are displayed in the list as they are entered.


* Parts/Retail - Goods In - Credit Goods In's (Returns) will now give the ability to refer to previous goods ins - this cross references the price on the goods in with the return and links to the original purchase order if there was one.


* Parts/Retail - Transfers - when requesting a transfer in the EPOS you can now enter some notes for the receiving branch to be able to view when authorising the transfer


* Workshop - Renault Dealers - Changes implemented to comply with Renault MCS Symptom code Updates


* Vehicle Sales - Changes to enable compliance with details of Government Scrappage Scheme.


* Vehicles Sales Orders - Fix to Part Exchange entry when HPI Check is set to mandatory



* Fix to Part Exchange Appraisal



* Retail - Purchase Orders - it is now possible to add a note to a line on a purchase order (this is internal and doesn't print on the purchase order).


* Retail - Purchase Order - Once Purchase Order has been emailed, the status changes to "Email sent".



* Fix to Report Generator



* Parts - Goods In - Fix to goods in of a local order


* Retail - Orders - Emailing of Purchase Orders - bug fixed on multi-page purchase orders where only the first page was being emailed


* Retail - Orders - Changing a line quantity on an order to zero will delete that line from the order (rather than leaving on as zero)


* Retail - Orders - Total Order Value shown on screen was incorrect.


* General Managers Toolkit - Order Authorisation - Now shows the branch no on the list of orders to be authorised.


* Retail - Goods In -Bug fixed on barcode printing when accepting a purchase order



* Beta Release of Software



* Sales Ledger - Internal Sales Ledger Accounts - Can now allocate both a Nominal Code to expense internal invoices to and a member of staff to Authorise


* Managers Toolkits - All Managers Toolkits now include a button to view and authorise internal invoices for Internal Sales Ledger Accounts that they authorise.


* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Kits - New option to create Sales Kits for products with a "Kit" price. This creates a pseudo product code that when processed through the EPOS will sell the kit of parts that the kit contains and then discount to the price that the kit is priced at.



* General Release Version of 1.9.269


* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Product Maintenance - will now no longer allow two products to be created with the same Bar Code or Manufacturers code
* Parts - EPOS - transfer stock between branches - updated to include Authorisation requirement from receiving branch (this is available from within the retail/parts Managers Toolkit)
* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - New option to link Retail Suppliers to Purchase Ledger Accounts
* Retail - Stock Order Creation - Order is automatically linked to the default supplier as created in the head office toolkit


* Sales Toolkit - View Price list - vehicle price shown is now the Retail price plus delivery, plus VAT
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Part Exchanges - can no longer be accepted into stock using the "Accept" button on the Part exchange. Part exchanges must be brought into stock by either deliverying the outgoing vehicle, or by using the "Pre-accept" options on the PX tab of the outgoing vehicle.


* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Addition of a "Reject" button to cancel posting an invoice.


* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Tab order changed to make it easier to access the GANI without using the mouse


* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Notes box now available to enter query notes into whilst posting an invoice.


* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Product Maintenance - Notes button allows notes to be entered that will pop up on the EPOS screen whenever this product is sold.


* VRM Lookup - Vehicles with Makes with multi-word descriptions (eg Alfa Romeo, Land Rover) now return the Make in full (was using the first word previously)


* Sales & Sales Managers Toolkit - New Utility added to allow the user to change branches from within the screen.

* Re-release of 1.9.267
* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Posting an invoice to a GANI line, which has a parts or retail order against it will allow the invoice to be matched to the goods in on a line by line basis. This enables the invoice to be matched not only to the delivery note, but also back to the original purchase order.
* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - New "Negative Stock" report detailing all Negative stock currently in the branch.
* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - New "Price Change" report detailing any price changes between dates (to allow re-ticketing)
* Sales Toolkit - Enquiry Manager - Sales Executive can now choose a vehicle that the customer is interested in from the pricelist.
* Workshop - Reception - Bug fixed when making appointment and viewing loading for a day - not all jobs were being displayed.
* Sales Toolkit - The ability for Sales Executives who do not have access to the Quotations system to be able to Duplicate a Quotation has been removed
* Setup - Staff Records - Access to Sales Toolkit and Sales Managers toolkits can now be controlled from within the Staff record setup
* Customer - Vehicle Screen - An extra tab for Finance details containing Free-text is now available.
* Retail - Mail Order System - Changes made to the way updates are made to an order which prevent two users in the same order at the same time from overwriting each others updates
* Retail - Stock Ordering - Minimum Order Qty can now be entered against a product code
* Retail - Stock Ordering - Can now delete an order
* Parts - Stock Ordering - Can now Email an Order to supplier (uses default email from Supplier account).
* Parts - Stock Ordering - can now enter a date expected against an order
* Parts / Retail - Transfers between Parts departments can now be configured in the Branch Setup at "Actual cost". The accounting of transactions at actual cost between branches is that of a stock transfer rather than an internal sale (ie Department 12 sales/discount and Cost of sale entries are not made).
* Utilities - Report Generator - bug fixes in the generation of Vehicle Reports with no selection criteria have been fixed.
* Utilities - Report Generator - Vehicles - if the new Customer_Id field is added to a report it is now possible to Mailshot customers from the report.
* Vehicles - Sales Orders - Bug fixed which prevented Factory Options being discounted if sales order is being created from the price list
* Parts - Managers Toolkit - Transfer Log report added to report on transfers in/out of the branch - allows authorisation of transfers
* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - Transfer Log Report enhanced to allow authorisation of transfers.
* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - New Utility now available to import price changes/new products from a spreadsheet.
* Parts / Retail - Goods In - Now has tick box for printing of Goods In Note rather than previewing on screen.
* Marketing - Service Follow up - Both Initial and Secondary Follow up lists can be exported to spreadsheet
* Marketing - Campaigns - It is now possible to select Campaigns for customers that have Email Addresses, Mobile Phone Nos or Company Names only.
* Sales Managers Toolkit > Sales Quotation/Order - Adding factory options when processing a quotation from price list was overstating the profit shown on these options.
* Sales Ledger - Account Enquiry - Internal Accounts - Nominal Ledger Account can now be assigned for automatic clearance
* Parts/Retail - Goods In Note Print - bug fixed which prevented second and subsequent pages of a goods in note being printed
* Staff Record - Privileges - bug fixed in setup of privileges for Retail and General Managers systems
* Retail - Mail Order System - New Full Pick List Report Added
* Vat Return - Close Quarter - Bug fixed wherebv the transactions for the quarter were not being cleared properly
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Vehicle Handover Diary - Now has a print button
* Parts Goods In - Date of Goods In is now locked to the current date.
* Purchase Ledger - Posting Invoice against GANI now correctly posts the write off back to the correct department.
* Workshop - Warranty Invoice Posting - If no Purchase Ledger account is entered, the invoice was not being posted correctly to the Sales Ledger
* Marketing - Setup - Ability to create and edit letters
* Parts - Stock Orders - Stock Ordering system was ordering Parts which were set to "Manual" Order
* Retail - Product Maintenance - Extra fields added to a product : Stock Category, Season and Branch Category
* Retail - Product Maintenance - Terminology of "Core" product renamed to "Orderable"
* Sales Order - Approval Profit - Profit wasn't taking account of write downs
* Sales Order - Holiday home Quotations - VAT calculation fault on-screen now fixed.
* Sales Enquiry - Closing an Enquiry - bug fixed which was causing no follow up on the date entered when enquiry is closed.
* Utilities > Branch Setup > Extra Sales Administrator added for new vehicle orders (to allow centralised ordering of new vehicles)
* Utilities > Branch Setup > In Sales Department setup it is now possible to enter an "inter-branch" delivery cost which automatically gets added as a hidden accessory onto Sales Orders - this is to allow for the transportation cost of moving vehicles between branches when a vehicle is sold elsewhere within a group of dealerships
* Sales Enquiry - Part Exchange Tab - Full Appraisal Button - the appraisal entry has been reformatted and includes a print option.
* Sales Enquiry - Part Exchange Tab - Appraisal - Sales Executives cannot complete the Part Exchange Valuations and cannot approve - this can only now take place through the Sales Managers Toolkit.
* Vehicle Administration - View Stock Record - Part Exchange Details - If the sales order for a vehicle was created through the enquiry manager, and an appraisal on the part exchange has been created then a copy of the appraisal can be viewed from within this tab.
* Vehicle Administration - View Stock Record - Profit Analysis - Vehicle Write down is now seperated out of the main vehicle cost into a line of it's own
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Pipeline Profit Report - Vehicle Write down is seperated into a new column on the report
* Preview Prints - Extra Print option which allows printer to be chosen and a page range to be entered.
* Shop Managers Toolkit - Shop Managers can no longer confirm orders without "authorisation" - orders can be confirmed in the General Managers Toolkit and authorisation can be requested from with the Shop managers order screen. Once the General Manager has confirmed the order it can be printed and marked as submitted.
* Shop Managers Toolkit - Goods In History Report added.
* Workshop - Release Job - MOT Expiry Date is always prompted, even if no MOT has been carried out
* General - Reports - Exporting / Printing reports - If the on-screen report has had columns re-ordered, hidden or sorted then the spreadsheet/printed report will reflect that displayed on screen
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Stock Record - Stock Plan - A Stock Plan Value is now added as a data entry field. This information can also be added to stock lists
* General - SMS Text Message Sending - SMS Text Messages are now sent directly from the users PC rather than via the server. This makes the SMS service more reliable
* General - Address Entry - Address entry in all Navigator Screens has been re-written to make address entry easier and post code lookup more reliable
* Sales Order - Finance Quotation - When the Sales Finance Rate reduces to below base rate, the commission is recalculated to be a negative value so that the amount borrowed is reduced to the finance payment required when calculated from base rate
* Sales Ledger - Cash Receipts - Payment Type wasn't showing correctly on Till Receonciliation
* Sales Ledger - Till Reconciliation - Report from within Sales Ledger wasn't working
* Sales Ledger - New "ribbon" menus added to main sales ledger screen
* Parts - Managers Toolkit - New Stock Adjustment Report Added.
* Sales Order - When creating a Sales Order it is now possible to schedule a handover into the Handover diary instead of leaving as an estimate
* Workshop - Service Managers Toolkit - Technician - can now allocate skills to technicians
* Workshop - Parts - Parts that are discounted to a job will now retain that discount if booked to a sales vehicle
* Report Generator - Now has the ability for "Runtime" based selection
* Sales Ledger - Post Invoice - Now picks up Default nominal code on Sales Ledger account
* Retail/Parts - Ordering - Search for part button added
* Vehicle Parameters - Price List - New field "Reporting Category" added, which can be displayed on stock list and profit reports for analysis purposes.
* Report Generator - Ability to add more complex selection criteria added to stored reports.
* Parts/Retail - Stock Order No Sequence - has been amended to use the same order no sequence as other purchase orders
* Vehicles - Several fixes to VAT calculations relating to VAT range change of 01/12/08
* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - Purchase Order - Now has ability to email order as a pdf file
* Purchase Ledger - Account Setup - can now enter the email address for Purchase Orders
* Workshop - Warranty Invoice Posting - Bug fix that was causing claims not to be written off properly
* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - Can now create purchase Order
* Workshop - Service Managers Toolkit - Update Technician - now has the ability to record technicians holidays
* Retail - EPOS - Fix to credit notes not matching invoice value
* Rewrite of Print Previewer to standard Navigator look and feel
* Vehicle Parameters - Bonuses - New option to add/alter bonuses
* Bug fixes to 1.9.253
* Sales Managers Toolkit - CRM Report - Now has the ability to enter a date range to report on
* Message/Tasks - Bug fixed so that the no of outstanding messages and tasks shows at the bottom of the screen
* Vehicle Administration Toolkit - Vehicle Stock Record - New Option to Schedule a delivery on a delivery Calendar
* Warranty Ledger - Warranty Payment Posting - Now fully supported
* Sales Managers Toolkit / quotation - Ability to enter Introductory Commission (which creates a non invoicable dealer accessory to new nominal code 46)
* Sales Toolkit - Enquiry Manager - New option to Present On Screen Presentation of quotation.
* Vehicle Administration - View Stock Record - Deliver Vehicle - Now has the ability to print a delivery note
* Bug Fixed to Mail Order System
* Bug Fix to Mail Order System
* Nominal Ledger - Ledger Reports - Bug fixed whereby last line of report was sometimes being omitted from the report
* Bug fix to Credit Card Processing system to allow refunds
* Beta version of Report Generator
* Customer Record / Vehicle Record - User Defined Fields - a new type of field is now available called a "memo" field which allows multi-lines of text to be entered.
* Setup - Branch Setup - Ability to change branch details and setup new branch
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation - Profit and Profit Percentage boxes removed from bottom of screen.
* Sales Toolkit - Stock list - View Stock Record - The "purchase details" tab is now hidden from sales staff unless they have full Vehicle Administration Access.
* Bug Fix to Finance Commission Calculation

* Retail - EPOS - Carriage charge entry is now accepted as a VAT inclusive figure.
* Retail - Mail Order System - Initial Release Version of Mail Order System released
* Minor Bug fixes to 1.9.243
* Retail - Shop Managers Toolkit - Sales History can now be viewed on an individual product.
* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Matrix Product now has a Sales Report for analysis of sales across shops
* Parts - Stock Take - Exception report now correctly prints in landscape
* Sales / Sales Managers Toolkits - Part Exchange Underwriting information can be entered
* Sales Order - Part Exchange Underwriting information can be entered - this is automatically transferred from a Sales Enquiry
* Vehicle Administration - View Stock Record - Both the PX tab and the Details tab have a box for "Underwriting Details" - this is populated automatically from a sales order if underwriting details are added.
* Workshop - Job Card - Adding an extra contact detail to a job card was causing an error message
* Vehicles - Stock Lists - A New field can be added via the parameters called "Qty" - this enables easy counting of vehicles on stock lists
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Profit Report - Now shows the make of the vehicle as well as the model
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Enquiry Analysis Report - Now enables double-clicking of a line to view the enquiry
* Sales Order - Dealer Option Pages beginning with a "*" are no longer displayed
* Vehicles - Parameters - Dealer Option Pages can now be renamed (by double-clicking the page description). Pages that begin with a "*" are no longer displayed in the quotations/order screen
* Sales Toolkits - Enquiry Manager - When selecting a vehicle a customer is interested in, the descriptions of the fields now correctly reflect the vehicle type (Car/Caravan etc)
* Parts - Epos - Dedicated Parts Invoice Form / layout (can be customised in Forms setup)
* Sales Order - Finance Quotation now supports PCP Quotations
* Vehicle Parameters - Finance Company Setup - Rates Table - now has that ability to define a finance company as supporting PCP
* Vehicle Parameters - Vehicle Price List - Standard PCP Residual rates can now be defined on a model by model basis which are then automatically used in quotations.
* Vehicle Administration - Posting Receipts - Now has the ability to produce a printed receipt.
* Vehicle Admin - Stock Record - Settlement cheque payments on vehicles with multiple part exchanges were not displaying correctly.
* Minor bug updates to V.1.9.237
* Nominal Ledger - Transaction Report - clicking on a transaction now drills into the transaction and allows display of batch/invoice/goods in note etc
* Utilities - Copy Document - Copy Batch Report now shows more detail on transactions and allows drill down to transaction/batch/invoice/goods in etc
* Bug fix to 1.9.235
* Workshop - Job Code Setup - Now has the ability to define a seperate nominal code for the sale of certain labour items
* Workshop - MOT Booking - Reverted to previous version (now skips updating customer)
* Customer Search - Now has the ability to update the customer record as it is selected.
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Vehicle Invoice - Now prompts for no of copies to print
* Retail - EPOS -2 minute timeout to relogin temporarily removed.
* Sales/Sales Managers Toolkits - Enquiry Manager - Enquiries with overdue contacts are now highlighted in red
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Stock Record - Invoicing a vehicle now has the option to Proforma the invoice on screeen.
* Purchase Ledger - Account - Terms - Now has a tick-box for Variable Payment Terms
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Stock Record - Purchase Invoice Posting - Posting to an account with variable terms now prompts for payment date.
* Customer Record - Service Profile - Field added to enter "Customer Requirements" to be displayed at Service Booking
* Parts - Cancelling Special Order - Bug now fixed so that Special Order is deleted
* Retail - EPOS - 2 Minute no activity timer now active so that user returned to login screen if no pc activity for two minutes after a sale.
* Vehicle Administrators toolkit - bug in Group Search Option fixed
* Vehicle Administrators toolkit - Delivery Time can now be maintained.
* Vehicle Parameters - Model Pricing - Ability to enter a default Road Tax Rate on a model - this is automatically added to any quotation on this model (new vehicles only)
* Vehicle Administration/Sales - Factory options are now restricted to only those available on a specific model
* Workshop - MOT System - Booking in an MOT from the diary
* Parts - Option added to Return old Units
* Parts - Option added to stock check old units.
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Stock Record - Ability to assign a vehicle to a Stocking Plan
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Post Costs - Ability to assign a vehicle to a stocking plan when posting a vehicle cost
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Post Costs - Ability to enter/change the chassis no of a vehicle when posting a vehicle purchase invoice
* Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Write Down - Write Down can now be backdated ans assigned to another branch.
* Workshop - Reception - Sub Contract Order List - Can now print a sub contract order by selecting and clicking the "Print" button
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Reports - Addition of an Aged Stock List Report.
* Vehicles - Workshop Order Creation - if PDI has already been requested or done this is displayed as a job detail rather then simply omitting the PDI
* Bug Fix to 227 (not generally released)
* Changes to use of the registry - all registry settings have been moved from HKEY_LOCALMACHINE to HKEY_CURRENTUSER. This is to facilitate installation onto a PC where the user is not the administrator of the PC.
* Sales Toolkit - Screen redesign - Addition of Enquiry Manager, removal of Activity Log and Hotlist
* Sales - Enquiry - Px Details added to a quotation are copied back onto the enquiry
* Sales - Enquiry - Recalling an approved quotation now allows the viewing (but not updating) of the quotation on screen.
* Sales - Quotation - quotation summary (on right hand side of screen) now breaks down the Part Exchange into Purchase price and settlement seperately
* Sales - Quotation - F&I commission can now be manually keyed in on the F&I tab - this allows F&I commission for "one-off" finance quotes to have the profit calculated correctly
* Sales - Enquiry - It is now possible to enter a stock number that a customer is interested. When raising a quotation this stock no is automatically selected.
* Sales - Enquiry - If a vehicle is quoted, the vehicle details quoted are copied back to the enquiry
* Vehicle Administration - Posting Vehicle Cost - the adoption date is now correctly the invoice date and not the date of posting
* Vehicle Administration - Closing Deals/Reopening Deals - There is now the option of setting an authority number to prevent the default date being overriden - the default date is the original invoice date or as far back as the last Nominal Ledger closed period if this is later.
* Vehicle Administration - Supplementary Invoice - the invoice date now defaults to the original invoice date
* Vehicle Administration - Crediting an invoice - The credit note date defaults to the original invoice date.
* Ability to print Demands and Needs Statement added to Enquiry Manager
* Sales Quotations - "Notes" - Standard list of quotation notes now supported which are creatable in Vehicle Parameters
* Product Pack Size added to Retail System
* Vehicle Admin - Tourer Caravans - The system automatically allocates the CRIS Ref to the Registration No - ie the word CRIS + the last 8 digits of the serial no
* Bug fixes to 1.9.220
* Vehicle Administration - Updating Margin Purchase Price now allowed
* Sales Order - Finance Deposit Box removed - now only Cash to add to Part Exchange
* Vehicle Stocklist - Date off Stocking Plan now displays correctly
* Sales Enquiry - Ability to enter PX Settlement Value
* Various bug fixes from V.1.9.218
* Sales Quotations - now prevents a quotation on a vehicle that has separately been sold to be recalled.
* Sales Order - A sales order can now be cancelled by recalling the sales order (new button on the button bar)
* Sales Quotations -when recalling a quotation that has previously been approved or printed, there are now only 3 options : Reprint quotation, Raise Order or Duplicate quotation to update - this allows an audit trail of quotations presented to the customer to be kept.
* Sales Order - if creating a vehicle from the price list, when raising the order now no longer requires a supplier code, date in stock or order numbers.
* Vehicle Administration - the supplier of a new vehicle can now be updated.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Enquiry - Can now save an enquiry without entering a contact if entered from within the Managers
* Customer Record - the enquiry source field has been removed when creating a customer record by popular request.
* Customer Record - Special requirements have been removed from the Private Details screen (will re-appear in profiles)
* Customer Record - Now automatically proper cases Names when entered.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Sales Enquiry - Creating a Sales Enquiry now specifically prompts for the sales person to allocate
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Sales Enquiry - Superflous fields have been removed to simplify the screen
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Sales Enquiry - closing a sales enquiry no longer asks for a reason for lost sale if a sale has actually taken place.
* Sales Orders - Now always prompt to create a Workshop Order
* Sales System - Small feature enhancements and bug fixes
* Sales - Quotations - fixed bug whereby pricing shown in summary screen was incorrect when there was a Part Exchange entered.
* Retail/Parts - Sales to negative stock - profit on sale is now calculated based on current cost rather than Retail .
* Workshop - Managers Toolkit - New Reports for Technicians and Invoice Detailed Analysis
* Attendance System - Comments can now be added by Managers
* Attendance System - Personnel Dept. can now see detailed Clock Card from Timesheet Report.
* Purchase Ledger - New Style Menu Bar added
* Purchase Ledger - GANI Report Added
* Vehicle Administration - Now allows a vehicle with a sales order to be transferred to another branch (takes the order with it).
* Marketing - Customer Search - Bug fixed in search for customers with multiple vehicles.
* Enquiry Log - Tab for Customer Part Exchange Details have been added, which automatically transfer to any quotations raised.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Reports - New Report for incoming Part Exchanges Added
* Customer - Action Menu - Option to delete a customer record added to the menu.
* Vehicle Administrators toolkit - now informs if the vehicle entered is in another branch
* Parts / Retail - EPOS - Redesign of EPOS Screen with new "ribbon" buttons
* Parts / Retail - EPOS - If more than one screenful of products are sold the screen automatically scrolls to keep the last product on screen
* Parts/Retail - EPOS - No of Transactions Today, Average Transaction Value and Units per Transaction Statistics are now displayed at the bottom of the screen.
* Workshop - Technicians Clock - If a technician clocks off at the end of day, any job they are clocked on is automatically clocked off (status changed to Awaiting Restart)
* Workshop - Technicians Clock - If a technician clocks onto a job without clocking off his previous job, the previous job is reset with a status of of Awaiting Restart
* Vehicle Administration - Adding Used Vehicle - Vehicle Type now defaults to the type for the branch
* Vehicle Parameters - Finance Company - Finance Rates - New options to cap finance commission to a maximum term or amount.
* Bug Fixes to V1.9.210
* Sales Quotation - "Reset" button on F&I tab now completely removes all finance details#
* Sales Quotation - Vehicle Search - Default search is now for all unsold vehicles across all branches
* Sales Enquiry - "Status" field has now been removed.
* Vehicle Parameters - Accessories- Can now delete an Accessory
* Parts/Retail Stock Check - Option to select that stock check is being carried out by bar code scanner.
* Parts/Retail Stock Check - if part has been checked within the past 7 days then a prompt will ask if this is an additional count (eg if the product is in two locations).
* Retail - Epos - There is now the abiilty to print a barcode label from within the Epos (on the Tools menu)
* addition of User Defined Fields in Vehicle Record (in addition to existing fields)
* Retail System - EPOS - bug fix that was causing some till receipts to be 1 penny different to the screen.
* Bug Fix to 1.9.204
* Additional of New "Ribbon" toolbars to Sales System
* Sales Order "note" added to Sales Order (can be viewed in Vehicle Admin)
* Customer Search - Now has individual search fields for surname, initials, postcode, telephone, regno and other. If a new customer record is then created the record is auto-populated with the searched information.
* Added Support for Zebra TLP 2844 Bar Code Printer for Retail System
* Launch of new Retail System
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Enquiry Log - Bug fix which meant that customer name on log wasn't showing correctly
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotations List - Resized so that scroll bars fit screen better
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation/Approval - Entry of Part Exchange value changed so that if the Amount Offered to the customer is updated after entering a SIV the SIV is unchanged but the overallowance is updated instead.
* Enquiry Log System updates (pre-release)
* Sales Orders - Orders in one branch on a vehicle in another now raise the order in the same branch as the vehicle.
* Sales Approval - Option to "roll-up" discount on quotation print rather than show separately (depends on configuration of quotation form)
* Workshop - Adding Job line to a job card - job text now picks up from invoice text rather than screen text.
* Internal releases only
* New Retail Menus Created
* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Product Maintenance Screen Created
* Retail - Head Office Toolkit - Matrix Product Created
* Sales Ledger - Account Enquiry - bug fixed in changing details
* Purchase Ledger - Fixed bug which was causing Gani Entry to be cleared multiple times
* Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Fixed bug which allowed selection of an invalid account is a number was entered
* Sales/Sales Managers Toolkits - Enquiry Management System Added
* Workshop Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - Now includes Parts Sales and Profit
* Parts - Special Orders - Fixed bug in booking out special orders direct to customers which wasn't clearing the order
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotations - Now refreshes every 30 seconds, also ability to create new quote from this screen.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotations - Bug fixed where duplicating a quote and then changing the vehicle was not working
* Workshop - Reception - T-Card View - Now displays Job No, also a "W" if job waiting, and shows technician name and comments when "hovering"
* Workshop - Job Card Processing - Jobs can now be assigned to a "Desk" (as well as a receptionist)
* Workshop - Accept Job - Prompts for Reception Desk when accepting job
* Workshop - Reception - T-Card View - Filter - Now allows Filter by Workshop Reception Desk
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotations - Bug fixed in Write Back of PX
* Workshop - Job Processing - Non Labour Details can be updated (ie price)
* Parts - Local Orders - Fixed bug whereby order disappears if not booked out at the time of goods in
* Vehicle Parameters - Price List - Reprice Stock Option - has the ability to automatically reprice stock (with choice regarding repricing consigned and sold vehicles).
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation - If full Part exchange details were not entered, it was possible to create a sales order.
* Marketing - Campaigns - When updating selection criteria, and reselecting, can now choose to "filter" existing selection rather than reselecting from the complete database
* Marketing - Campaigns - Can now exclude customers that have been "Data Cleansed" (eg gone aways, MPS, TPS etc).
* workshop - Managers Toolkit - Work In Progress Report - now allows multi-branch selection
* Vehicles - Vehicle Administration - if no Vehicle User Defined fields were set up you could not access a vehicle
* Sales Managers Tooklkit - Stock List changed to same report as available in Sales Toolkit
* Vehicle Adinistrators Toolkit - Stock list changed to same report as available in Sales Toolkit
* Sales Orders - Part Exchange - Fixed bug where Motor Homes were being created as VAT Qualifying
* Vehicle Administration - Posting Purchase Invoice - If vehicle has not been consigned or adopted then there is a "reprice" option which will allow a vehicle to be repriced, changed to another model or have factory options added.
* Messages/Tasks - screen changed from "tabs" to being multipane to make it easier to view.
* Telephone Book - Can now click to view Supplier and Account customer details
* Workshop - Parts Allocation - Can now "multi-select" and click allocate to allocate parts
* Workshop - Add Request - if job is on a sales vehicle, this now defaults to "Sales Department" for costing
* Vehicles - User Defined Details can now be added (these are the user defined details available on a customers vehicle record)
* Workshop - Managers Toolkit - WIP report removed as a button and added to the "Reports" drop down menu
* Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Contact Log Report added.
* Staff Record - "Staff Managed by" option added to "Personnel" menu (which has been renamed from "Attendance")
* Customer - View Customer - "Sales Order" button has been replaced by an "action" button, which allows creation of a sales order or workshop appointment
* Workshop - Job Processing - Release Job - New button to create a new booking (eg to book for next service)
* Vehicle Parameters - Price List - New Tools Menu with option to print a price list for a given Make/Model/Model year combination.
* Marketing - Campaigns - fixed bug which was stopping campaigns with no customer selected from being viewed
* Marketing - Campaigns - fixed bug which was preventing recalculation of the number of records in the list after reselecting
* Printing - Multi page printing - sometimes the second page on 2 page reports didn't print
* Parts Stock Orders - Can now manually add a kit of parts to a stock order by referencing the kit.
* Sales Orders - Model Specific Options - Now supports model specific options by model year.
* Purchase Ledger - Account Enquiry - fixed bug whereby clicking on a cleared transaction actually viewed a current transaction.
* Customer Record - Profiles - Service - There is now a tick box to make a customer zero rated for VAT on Service Invoices only.
* Marketing - Campaigns - Ability to select customers by Branch No
* Marketing - Campaigns - Ability to print Branch No on Reports
* Marketing - Campaigns - Can now delete a campaign
* Marketing - Campaigns - fixed bug in selection by Post Code which prevented selection if only the first letters of a post code were entered.
* Sales Ledger - Invoice Posting - Now allows multi-line entry of invoice text
* Marketing - Campaigns - View Campaign - now "pages" the customer records so only 250 show on screen at a time (this speeds up the display)
* General - Multi-line input boxes - now allow ENTER to be pressed to create a new line
* Parts - Managers Toolkit - Cash Account Payments - Parts Till reconciliation now prints the customer name correctly on the payment
* Sales Quotations/Orders - F&I Tab - you can now enter the amount of cash to add to the Part Exchange to form the finance deposit
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Approval Tab - "Writeback" button is now a toggle to write back the deal.
* Parts Managers Toolkit - Bin List - can now print a bin list for a specific bin
* Parts - Special Orders - Bug fix with invoice being raised incorrectly for deposits.
* Parts - Stock Check - Bug fixed in stock check page printing routines which caused some parts not to print on a full stock check
* Parts - Credit Notes - now allows a credit to be done without entering an invoice no - providing the correct keyword is entered.
* Parts - View/Update Part - the "Update" button needs specifically to be clicked to update a part - this prevents accidentally pressing ENTER from writing the part back whilst it is still being updated..
* Parts - View/Update Part - prevented error message being displayed when viewing the sales history of a part with no sales in the previous 12 months.
* Parts - Epos - Orders - A Local or Special order can now be reprinted.
* Vehicles - Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation - Vehicle Settlement can now be keyed in
* Vehicles - Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation - Button to Write Back Part Exchange has been added
* Vehicles - Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation - New Button on toolbar to Duplicate a quotation.
* Parts - Special Orders - Special Order description is now "properly" multi-lined (press enter to create a new line)
* Workshop - Reception - T-Card option - Filter menu has option to filter by receptionist
* Vehicles - Fixed bug with Commercial vehicle part exchanges not calculating VAT on purchase correctly
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Buttons moved around on toolbar so that Quotations/Quotations Report/Order report are next to each other.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - raising a quotation from the Sales Managers toolkit gives the opportunity to "tick" an "approved" box which records the quotation as being approved, and records the "approved" profit.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Quotation and Order report both display approved profit if approved and who approved the quote/order
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Recalling a quotation or order that is not approved, gives the opportunity to tick the approved box and save the Approved profit for reporting on the orders report and pipeline profit report later.
* Sales Managers Toolkit - Pipeline profit report - now shows the approved profit on the report.
* Setup - Staff Setup - Now allows staff members to have the staff they "manage" configured.
* Sales Quote/Order - Finance Tab has been renamed F&I and calculates repayments and Credit Protection as well as finance commission if the rates table is set up in the finance company setup within Vehicle Parameters. This only functions for Normal HP.
* VAT Return - option added to print/export all the lists on the VAT report
* Parts - Kits - Option to Print Kit added
* Customer Record - Print option now prints customer details
* Vehicle Administration - Screen suizes changed on several forms
* Vehicle Administration - New Option to Un-Deliver a vehicle


Vehicle Admin - Add New Vehicle - now displays full list of model codes

Parts - Kits - Can now mark a kit as obsolete

Parts - Kits - Can now view a part details from a kit.

Parts - Kits - When searching, only either searches for obsolete or current kits as requested



Re-cut of 1.9.181 with display bug fixed


       Parts orders - Bug fix - when recalling an order containing parts with a surcharge, the old unit and surcharge were not being handled correctly.


Warranty - the outstanding claims report now shows Vehicle Make/Model and chassis no to ease progression of claims.

Messages - Task List - wasn't showing the task list correctly

Workshop - Key Tag now supported - Prompted when accepting (acceptance screen has been redesigned) and can be updated on a job

New Job 't' Card Display on Workshop Reception screen.

Vehicle Administration - Supplementary Invoice - Fixed bug that was preventing Accessory list to be accessed.

Workshop - Job Processing - it is now possible to convert a job back into an appointment (on the Tools Menu). ALL time on the job card will be rebooked.

Workshop - Job Processing - there are now several sub-categories of status whilst a job is in progress : In Not Started, Awaiting Restart, In Work, Awaiting Parts, Awaiting Authorisation, At Subcontractor, Awaiting Test, Awaiting Valet, Complete, Complete/Customer Contacted. These can be switched on the job processing screen or as a technician clocks off a job.

Workshop Job Processing - Notes "tab" - a note can now be an SMS or an Email to a customer (SMS only works if licenced)

Workshop Job Processing - Notes - if a follow up is entered, then this displays in the "task" list.

Workshop & Parts Management Toolkits - now allow multiple branch selection for Invoice Report

Parts Sales/EPOS - A Handling charge can now be made when creditting a part

Vehicle Administration - PDI/Prep tab - now shows the expected completion date of jobs, and allows clicking on a job to view details



Marketing - Campaign Creation - Warranty Expiry selection option now works.

Sales Managers Toolkit - Pipeline profit report - New report superceding existing

Customer Search - Indexing Improved.

Vehicles - Split invoicing configuration - bugs fixed

Vehicles - Printing a statement of account now prints correctly all the time (previously would print zeros)



Messages - when a new message or task appears for a user, a warning message now appears.

Parts - Parts Records - Links can now be removed

Parts - Parts Records - Links tab now displays kits that this part is contained in.

Workshop - Technicians Clock - Non Workshop Managers now have to type in the technicians password to clock them on or off a job - this is a protection for technicians clocking other technicians onto jobs by mistake and is also an extra security measure.

Internal - the c:\dms\tmp directory is now cleared on login - this is a workfile directory used by Navigator which can otherwise grow over time.

Vehicle Administration - Some vehicles were showing as being sold, but not showing a sales persons name - this is now corrected

Vehicle Administration - Multiple Part Exchanges - If a vehicle has multiple Part Exchanges then it was not possible to accept them into stock individually.



Workshop - Rebooking a job line on a sales job now creates the new appointment on the sales vehicle not the customer record

Parts - Special Orders - if the special order had multiple parts on, then it wasn't being cleared correctly when the parts were booked out

Parts Kit Maintenance Updates :

Pats Price and franchise shown in kit display

Ability to add notes against parts lines in a kit

Updating parts details on a kit easier (previously would have had to delete and readd a part)

Kit can be duplicated

Ability to add kit reference and revision no.

Kits can now have sub kits attached

Sales Orders - fixed bug whereby sales person no is not always updated on the stock record



Workshop - Technicians Clock - Fixed bug which meant that status updates to job lines were not working when clocking off.



Parts - Point of Sale - fixed bug whereby "non-discountable" parts could be discounted if you selected the option to discount before entering the part no.

Customer Record - Vehicle - VIN No is now a separate field (on the security tab)

Accounts - When displaying shortcuts, it now shows the "line no" of of the shortcut so they can be referenced by line no

Vehicles - A Purchase Invoice can now be posted to a vehicle without previously posting a consignment note.

Workshop - Reception - Job Search - Can now search by Vehicle Chassis No

Marketing - Campaigns - Create New Campaign - Added a save button, which them opens the campaign for running a selection.

Marketing - Campaigns - Bug fixed when printing a letter that prevented the "Create" button working (will now create a new letter in Word)

Warranty - Warranty Claim Report now shows manufacturer reference, and can also be printed or exported to a spreadsheet.

Epos - Bug fix to do with VAT rounding errors on low-priced parts (<50p typically) with multiple quantites which was causing a variation by a few pence between the screen price and the invoiced value.

Vehicle Administration - Closing Deal - Fixed bug wherebv the stock record was mis-reporting that it had unallocated costs when closing

Epos - fixed bug on "Bottom Line Discount" which was sometimes causing the total value on screen to be different to the invoice value

Workshop - Job Card now prints a technicians signature line after all jobs.



Cash Book - Reconciliation - If the reconciliation is only for one day, the reconciliation date will now be prefilled in for each transaction

Cash Book - Reconciliation - when starting a new reconciliation, the opening date is the day after the previous Reconciliation's close date (was the same as the close date which could be confusing)

Vehicle Administration - Posting Costs to a stock record - bug fixed whereby the system wasn't recording who posted the costs.

Workshop - Job Processing - Fixed a bug whereby parts could be allocated to a customer request that had no billable labour items - this was causing the parts not to be charged out.



Workshop - Technicians Clock - When two technicians are clocked onto a job, they can now be clocked off independently of each other

Workshop - Allocate Parts to Job lines - New "Part Allocate" button which allows prompts for the quantity of parts to be allocated.

Workshop - Job Processing - a Non Labour line can be removed from a job by double-clicking on it


Parts - Sales - Bug which causes Carriage Charges to come out at zero fixed

Workshop- Managers Toolkit - Clock Card - Staff List is always the technicians for workshop 1..

Vehicle Parameters - Stock List - Gives the ability to define the view of stock that a Sales Person, Sales Manager and Vehicle Administrator see.

Sales Toolkit - Vehicle Sales Orders - Once a vehicle has been chosen, the quotation can be moved to another vehicle using the "Change" button.

Sales Toolkit - Vehicle Stock list - selection of vehicle stock and display has been changed to make it easier and more flexible to use.

Sales Managers Toolkit - Sales Order Creation - Customer Selection is now a manual process.

Workshop - Technicians Clock - When two technicians are clocked onto a job, they can now be clocked off independently of each other

Workshop - Allocate Parts to Job lines - New "Part Allocate" button which allows prompts for the quantity of parts to be allocated.

Workshop - Job Processing - a Non Labour line can be removed from a job by double-clicking on it



Workshop - Invoicing - Bug fixed whereby Non Labour Items were being accounted for as Labour - this has been updated so that they are correctly accounted for using Nominal Code 22.

Workshop - Fixed bug which prevented a job being menu priced to zero

Workshop Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - report has been revamped to not show any parts figures, to break out sub contract and show a recovery rate on each job

Parts Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - Report has had parts issues to jobs removed from the report, and now includes the parts on all workshop invoices to give a true reflection of the performance of the Parts Department.

Purchase Ledger - Payments - there is now the ability to reselect another account without making a payment

Purchase Ledger - Account Enquiry - Double-Clicking on a GANI line will display the Goods In Note

Parts - Parts marked as "Non discountable" can no longer be individually discounted at the point of sale.

Parts - Sales - When selecting a customer for sale, no longer prompts for which vehicle to sell to if the customer has multiple vehicles

Purchase Ledger - Invoice Posting - Posting of invoices to EC Import accounts has been improved to display that the account is an EC Import and to not pre-calculate the VAT.



Parts - Retail Bar-coding options available.

Parts - Orders for jobs - fixed issue relating to orders being placed against jobs not being automatically cleared if the part was booked to the job without the order being satisfied by the supplier. This was causing the problem whereby Jobs were not able to be released because of outstanding orders.

Customer Record - Vehicle - Added Support for User Defined Fields on a vehicle (All Text Fields) - Replaces Addl Id Numbers in Character System but users same data space



Parts - Sales - Create Special Order - Printing the order now actually prints.

Workshop - Technicians Clock - Now allows 2 technicians to be clocked on a job at the same time

Parts - there is now the ability to enter a Parts Barcode No on a parts record. Entering the barcode in parts sales will then retrieve the correct part

Integrated online help into Navigator

General - Default Payment Type is now "Credit Card" rather than "Cash"

Vehicle Administration - Deal Profit - Part Exchange Overallowance is now more clearly analysed in the profit

Vehicle Administration - Adding Used Vehicle - fixed bug which prevented entering of a registration no

Parts - Goods In - Fixed bug where goods in of VOR Orders were coming up priced at Stock pricing

Workshop - Sub contract goods in - now has the ability to print a goods in note

Parts - Goods In - Now able to update the bin location at goods in.



Reports > Exporting to spreadsheet - if Excel is not installed, then this fails and Navigator crashes. Now displays an error message dialog box but continues.

New DMS Navigator Clock written - extra fields added to staff record

Navigator - Login - Now automatically clocks you in on yuor timecard if you are not already clocked in

Navigator - Logoff - Now prompts if you wish to clock out as well.

Service - Managers Toolkit - New Report - Parc Analysis



Copy Invoice Utility now fixed so it actually displays a copy invoice

Awning Support now added to Parts System this includes:

Ability to add awning characteristics to a part (Colour, Frame Type and size)

Ability to search for an awning by colour, frame, size or price.

Ability to Part exchange an awning (an option on the "Item" menu on the parts sales screen)

New Awnings Menu option on the main menu which allows access to the "Awnings" toolkit

Awnings Toolkit > Ability to "Accept" Part Exchange Awnings, assign a sales price and location.

VAT return has Awnings Margin Report option

Parts Sales - Local Orders Now Print



Workshop - Insurance Jobs - fixed bug with Billing to Vat Registered Customers.

Customer Record - Selecting a vehicle as type "Tourer" wasn't assigning a Registration No to use.



Vehicle Parameters - Finance Companies - Now have the ability to setup a "Rate Card" to calculate commission in the Deal Approval Screen

Vehicle Sales Order - Finance Tab - If finance company has rates, then an extra field for the sales rate is displayed, this is *only* used to calculate commission in the Deal Approval Screen

Vehicle Deal Approval - F&I profit is now displayed and added into totals

Parts Sales - Inter branch transfers now supported

Parts - Stock Orders - Ability Added to create manual order

Parts Sales - Supercessions are only now followed if the part does not have stock.

Parts - Sales - Ability to invoice a carriage charge (On the "Item" drop down menu)

Workshop - Technicians Clock - Technician now has the ability to temporarily transfer himself to another branch

Workshop - View Diary - Fixed bug which was causing on screen errors when viewing a diary day

Parts - Sales - Booking parts to closed deals - now comes up with a meaningful error rather than "unable to produce invoice"

Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - Saving a quotation now no longer shows up on the Sales Managers Approval Screen.

Vehicles - Sales Order Processing - Recalling an approved Order no longer shows the Sales Person the Profit analysis of the deal



Workshop - Rebooking a job line - fixed bug whereby rebooking a second job line at the same time, the user wasn't being prompted to add the second job line to the job the first one was rebooked to.

Workshop - Job Processing - if a job line has been rebooked it now correctly shows the job no that it has been rebooked to.

Workshop - Technicians Clock - fixed bug if you hit the close button without first entering the job clocking screen caused an error message

Customer - SMS Text messaging - bug now fixed which was preventing SMS messages from being delivered.

Workshop - Renault Warranty - issues relating to splitting a single job line between Renault Warranty and Renault Customer services have now been fixed

Workshop - Releasing job - fixed bug where sometimes the diary hours for the current day were increased by the no. of hours on the job when releasing.

Marketing - Campaign Selection - fixed bug in selecting customers by delivery date.



Reporting - Upgraded third party component that was causing errors on some printed reports.

Renault Warranty - Fixed bug with sub-contract jobs being incorrectly submitted to Renault

Setup - Staff Records - added ability to mark a staff member as "left" and to transfer customers and future contacts

Login - prevented staff members who have left from logging in

Staff Lists - All staff members marked as left are now removed from staff lists

Purchase Ledger - Cleared Transactions list - now displays details about transaction when clicking on a line

Sales Ledger - Receipts - Fixed bug in posting discount with receipts

Vehicle Admin. - Part Exchange Purchase Invoice - Bug fixed that was preventing printout of invoice.



New Licence Usage Report in Utilities Menu

Sales Orders - Recalling a sales order no longer reprints it - reprints will need to be done manually using the print button on screen.

Sales Order - bug fixed in removing Part Exchanges

Workshop - Invoices to Stock Nos - Now shows the stock no on all invoices.

Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Technicians report now only shows current technicians

Workshop - Costing Insurance Jobs - fixed bugs, and also added ability to charge Betterment to customer



Marketing - Service Follow Up - Fixed bug that was causing "Export to Spreadsheet" option not to work.

Sales Ledger - Debtors List - Backdated Debtors list now backdates taking account of invoice and payment dates, payments made after the date do not affect the report.

Purchase Ledger - Creditors List - Backdated Creditors list now backdates taking account of invoice and payment dates, payments made after the date do not affect the report.

Nominal Ledger - Day Books - New Purchase Ledger Day Book Option now available

Workshop - Workshop Parameters - now allows maintenance of job codes, descriptions and times. MOT jobs now have a short diary code for the MOT diary and a colour to display on the MOT diary.

Workshop - MOT Diary - now shows colour codes as described above



Marketing - Campaigns - Report printing - can now print the enquiry source.

Sales Toolkit - Telephone Book - Now works correctly . Also added to Utilities Menu

Workshop - Job Processing - clicking the "customer" button on sales jobs will now display the customer record if the vehicle is sold

Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Clock Card - now has a print button to print a clock card

Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Clock Card - drop down with technicians names now only shows technicians for that branch

Workshop - New Option - Workshop Parameters - allows maintenance of MOT bays and Labour Rates

Parts - Creating or updating a part now rebuilds the index for this part so it can be searched



Marketing - Service Follow Up - New option on Tools menu to reset follow up so that letters can be reprinted (eg if printer has jammed)

Customer Record - Close Button moved to the end of the button list

Vehicle Administration - "Update" button next to vehicle description no longer available on New Vehicles - use the "Update Spec" button instead

Creating New Customer - fixed bug whereby if clicking Create Order when you created a new customer, caused the order to show no name.

Vehicle Parameters - Following update of a vehicle price, gives option to reprice all existing stock



Rollback version of Stimulsoft reports to fix a problem with Forms display



Customer Records - User Defined Fields - Fixed bug on lookup fields on secondary tabs not working correctly

Renault Warranty - when reopening a job to resubmit, you now have to select the resubmit tickj-box on each claim line in the Renault Warranty Costing screen

Renault Warranty - Divers codes now show the Renault Code as well as the description

Renault Warranty - Fixed bug with Divers Codes not working



Marketing - Campaign Selection - Bug in Vehicle selection if delivery date and registration date selection both made (was doing a logical OR rather than an AND).

Workshop - Invoicing - if jobs are all costed to Lease company, prevents blank customer invoice being produced

Workshop - Adding customer request to a job - Ability added to select payee as "Lease Co"

Vehicle Administrators Toolkit - Till Reconciliation added to Reports Menu

Sales Ledger - Till Reconciliation added to Reports Menu

Workshop - Allocating Parts - mulitiple allocations to the same request made easier as request selected is not reset after every part is clicked

Salesmanagers Toolkit - Deal Approval List - fixed bug which meant that not all orders to approve were showing

Vehicle Administration - Problem with Factory options not calculating VAT correctly fixed

Cash Book - Fixed bug which was causing crash when exiting and re-entering cash book

Cash Book - Fixed bug with selecting day of month transaction being cleared

Utilities - Copy Document - New Utility to display copy invoice, issue to job, stock record or batch

Workshop - MOT Diary on reception screen - now refreshes at 30 second intervals

Workshop - Renault Details - Clicking ICM check should now go straight to the ICM check rather than prompting for mileage

Workshop - loading MOT's automatically schedules MOT's into MOT diary at earliest possible time

Workshop - Reception Screen - when MOT diary is visible, option to change date to view diary on.

Workshop - MOT Diary - Jobs can be rescheduled within the day using "drag and drop"

Workshop - MOT Diary - Rescheduling a job now reschedules the MOT accordingly

Workshop - MOT - New option on job processing called "Complete MOT" if a job is solely in for an MOT. This allows a job to be accepted, MOT details entered and invoiced in one go, leaving it only requiring to be released.

Workshop - Release Job - If MOT, asks is pass or fail, expiry date of MOT and testers staff no

Workshop - Jobs on stock vehicles - now has access to view stock details (from "view" menu within job)

Marketing - Service Follow up - you can now export the list to a spreadsheet rather than print letters (this is useful for label printing)



Vehicle - Sales Orders - Fixde bug with factory option pricing not showing correctly on screen in certain circumstances

Workshop - Service Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - fixed bug whereby selection of invoice type was not working

Workshop - Warranty - Invoicing a job with zero labour time to warranty wasn't able to display a proforma

Customer - Selection of customer with multiple vehicles - select button could be clicked before selecting vehicle



Tasks - Are now available to all users, all screens display how many tasks each user has and clicking on the status bar shows the messages and tasks. Tasks can be actioned in much the same way as within the Sales Toolkit

Sales Ledger - Invoice Posting - Invoice text of more than 60 chars now prints on mulitple lines (previously only allowed one line)

Vehicle Invoicing - Part exchanges - fixed bug with Part exchange purchase price being zero'd

Sales Ledger - Account Enquiry - ability to view current statement (on the transactions menu)

Parts - Goods In - Retrieving Stock Order - bug which prevented stock order being retrieved correct has been fixed

Workshop - Screen display updated to change status of "Costed" to "Complete" (Status of Costed not supported in Navigator)



Parts - Fixed Bug in stock order generation

Workshop - Proforma - Now Generates Customer Warranty Report



Renault Warranty Costing - Entering a Divers code now functions correctly

Renault Warranty Costing - Ability to enter unvalidated function codes

Renault Warranty Costing - Comments entered only print once if there are muilitple lines on a job

Renault Warranty Costing - Selecting Causal Part on second and subsequent jobs lines was not working correctly

Renault Warranty Costing - fixed bug to allow requests with two job lines to be costed correctly to Renault Customer Services

Renault - On customer screen and in job processing can now view/update the Engine No and Gearbox Nos

Nominal Ledger - Ledger Reports - Printed report has a correct Heading on

Purchase Ledger - Posting zero invoice - now allows access to the GANI

Salesmanagers Toolkit - Pipeline profit report - turned landscape rather than portrait

Nominal Ledger - Setup - Transaction Report - fixed bug with field description when adding fields to report

Customer Record - Warnnig now displayed when updating a customers name

Vehicle Sales Orders - corrected bug which prevents the customer name printing on invoices on customer records with multiple vehicles.

Workshop - Collection Note redone so it actually works - also now available in the forms designer

Parts - Stock Ordering - Option to add customer orders to a stock order no longer functions once the order is confirmed

Nominal Ledger - Journalling to the VAT account gives option to add entry to VAT return

Sales Ledger - Now has the ability to print statements



Nominal Ledger - Setup - Can now define and update transaction report styles

Marketing - Campaigns - Original Enquiry Source added in as a selection (under Customer)

Parts - Customer Orders - fixed bug whereby links between customers and parts were reversed

Parts - Pick Note - fixed bug whereby customer name wasn't printing correctly

Parts - Create Stock Order - Now has the ability to create multiple stock orders, one per franchise

Parts - Picking Notes - fixed a bug whereby not all the parts would print on a pick note

Parts - Goods In - Retrieve existing order - only displays the current branches orders now

Parts - Managers Toolkit - Cash Account reporting and payment allocation added to toolkit

Workshop - Managers Toolkit - Invoice Report - Corrected Parts Profit that was reported - also added job no. Clicking on a line views copy invoice

Workshop - Warranty Claim -Fixed bug in workshop warranty copy invoices whereby the total retail time calculated on the warranty claim was incorrect

Vehicles - Reopen Deal - Fixed bug whereby nominal ledger and sales profit reports were incorrect when reopening a deal

Workshop - Warranty Claims on New Stock Records - Vehicle details were not being printed correctly on the claim

Vehicle Admin - Posting Invoice - if an invoice no is not entered, you can no longer enter the VAT amount - this successfully prevents a bug whereby the SIV of the vehicle is reduced by the VAT amount

Workshop - Job Processing - Ability to enter an order no for internal job lines

Accounts - Purchase Ledger - Posting against Gani sometimes locking up as you select lines - fixed



Sales Ledger - Ability to view Copy Batch

Sales Ledger - Can now print current and cleared transactions

Purchase Ledger - fixed bug whereby viewing transactions which were allocated to a GANI shows no details

Sales Ledger - Adjusted Tab order on account creation

Sales Ledger - Invoice Posting - double clicking on a nominal entry that has previously been entered removes it

Workstation Setup now allows the configuration of updates to be downloaded from a local PC rather than a remote server.

Nominal Ledger - New Daybooks options - Sales Ledger Debtors only

Sales & Purchase Ledgers - fixed bug whereby closing and reopening the Account Enquiry option would close the Navigator application

Purchase Ledger - Payments - mulitple invoices can be paid by selecting using shift/ctrl and clicking "Pay Selected"

Fixed bug in Service Job Processing whereby service history on stock vehicles wasn't being displayed

Nominal Ledger - Setup - Can now design Nominal Ledger Reports

Workshop - invoicing - intermittent bug on warranty claims fixed whereby the chassis no was incorrect



Fixed bug in Workshop Appointments not asking for collection details

Bugs fixed in Renault Warranty System



View Customer button added to Sales Managers Toolkit

Added option to Split Invoice to individually set to zero rated

Added ability to reset a split invoice configuration

MOT Diary can now be optionally viewed on the workshop diary

Shortcut MOT booking option added (click on MOT Diary to book)

Marketing Reports on screen, now clickable to display customer

Fixed bug in split invoicing which was removing the link to the part exchange from the deal.

Fixed bug in Vehicle admin, whereby posting a purchase invoice was marking vehicle as "in stock"



Fixes to New Paging routines - bugs when refreshing before first refresh is complete

Sales Ledger - Can now change account type

Sales Ledger - now verifies the validity of the VAT number on a Sl Account

Sales Ledger - Invoice Posting - Precalculates VAT

Sales Ledger - Invoice Posting - Reference Field removed

Sales Ledger - Invoices now show the "manual" invoice no

Sales Ledger - Part Payment Now functions correctly

Sales Ledger - Receipts now has the ability to print a batch

Sales Ledger - Fixed bug wherebv clicking on an account on the on screen debtors either didn't display an account or displayed an error

Purchase Ledger - Transactions now refresh if status is changed

Purchase Ledger - Payments - default payment is now "cheque"

Purchase Ledger - Payments - now displays and warns if you try to pay a held invoice

Nominal Ledger - Setup - Can no longer edit system nominal codes

Nominal Ledger - Setup - can now change the description of a nominal code

Nominal Ledger - Setup - Can now delete Shortcuts

Workshop - changed Navigator unlrelease of job to reverse cash suspense at this time - otherwise the cash suspense and banking accounts would stay wrong until the job was rereleased.



Fixed bug whereby "waiting" appointments weren't taking time out of the diary

Fixed bug whereby searching for an invalid workshop job by job no brings up a blank job

Fixed bug in crediting a exchange unit from an account comes up as cash.

Fixed bug which was causing workshop sub contract goods ins to be duplicated

New Nominal Ledger Setup Screen - allows maintenance of nominal back post date, shortcuts and nominal codes

Nominal ledger backdating tests added to all accounts posting screens (with keyword override)

Fixed bug whereby switching branches didn't switch companies

Ability to switch branch added to Vehicle Administrators Toolkit



Deal Approval System - Default Used Vehicle Prep Estimated cost added - stored in FL80 USED.DEFAULT.PDI.[branchno].[vehicletype]

Fixed bug in report paging routine

Fixed Bug in Deal Approval system - write downs not being taken account of...

Added code to delete and reset the licence database overnight



Customer search screen updated to be a single line filterable item

In sending a message - staff list is now in alphabetical order and only includes current staff

In Sales Approval screen, can now update PX price, Total Vehicle price and Overallowance from within the approval tab

Can now invoice a vehicle to a sales ledger account

Workshop > Sales Department invoices now correctly work across companies with different VAT numbers

Updated routines to populate reports to "page" the data into the report, to make it appear more responsive.



Fixed bug in parts which caused Negative stock to only work in Navigator EPOS

Fixed bug in parts goods in - crashes out it click "Update" to update parts prices

Messages sent from customer records - when received there is now a button to view the customer

Invoicing Split Vehicle Invoices now prints all invoices

Bug in Navigator with regard to the treatment of VAT on imports on the VAT return is now fixed

Vehicle Split invoices now has the option to selectively zero rate lines

Ability to remove a Part Exchange from a sales order/quotation

Parts - fixed bug which prevented credits being booked to a sales ledger account which is over it's credit limit



Fixed bug on calculating VAT on cost of dealer accessories on Deal Approval Screen

Changed size of boxes on sales order screen so that all tabs are displayed on 1024 x 768 screens.

Added Sales Order No to printout of Deal Approval screen

Adding One off option on Sales Order gives ability to enter sale price inclusive of VAT

Allowed stock list to be searched by Make and Model

No of days added to salesmans stock list (barrons only)



Fix pbug on Deal Approval printout



Fixed bug on new vehicles in Deal Approval whereby it was adding transport and pdi costs in twice


V1.9.139 - Released 1/3/07

Added functionality for Parts and Service till rec prints.

Added Sales Order button into Sales Managers Toolkit



Fixed bug in Sales Order Approval Screen (wasn't including Factory fitted options or RFL in the cost calculations)

New messaging system written

Added new "note" option for customer contact - which doesn't require a follow up

Parts - supports sell by date flag

Parts - ability to upload document and images to a part

Fixes to Cash book

Colour change to lists to change to an easier format

Purchase Ledger - can now print and export transactions



PX Appraisal process - fixed bugs

Sales Approval Process - fixed bugs

Fixed bug in vehicle invoices relating to supplementary invoices, part exchanges and finance which was putting the nominal ledger out of balance when creditting and reinvoicing

Changed Reg Date format on Stock Analysis report to MM/YYYY from mm/yy as was causing problems with spreadsheet exports

Created "Grouping" of user defined fields on Customer Record (see setup screen, User defined fields and mailshot campaign screens)

New "Marketing Profile" screen, shows customer details and updates

Ability to search for a customer using full email address

User Defined fields on customer record now have the ability to have "dropdown" lookup fields

User Defined fields on customer record now have the ability to be "grouped" (each group displays as a tab on the page)

New Marketing Profile Screen in customer record - at the moment, shows customer id, who created the customer and when and when it was last updated.

New Receptionist Toolkit in Marketing system

Ability to record the reason for marking a follow up as "lost"

In setup screen in Marketing, now has editing of several tables

Contact Type (on contact screen of customer) - now has the abiity to have user definable contact types (see setup screen for setup)

New "Cancel" Button on customer record - to cancel updates

EPOS - Booking parts out to stock records generates receipt

Parts - reversing an invoice of parts booked to a stock record now works

Ability to create a kit and book out in parts sales

Fixed bug in Vehicle Administration which prevented the update of vehicle model description on used vehicles

Adding Specification to vehicle - allows search

Fixed bug with changing the price of Qualfying part exchanges not updating the purchase VAT



House charge and First Service Cost added to expected costs on profit report

Purchase Ledger Now has the ability to view and drill sown into cleared GANI

Purchase Ledger Transaction Display now shows gani entries and allows view of goods in notes and batch

Nominal ledger - copy batch facility

Fixed bug with PL Payments generating multiple remittance advices



Removed ability to add Enquiry Sources (needs parameter screen to update these)

MOT Booking System Added

Option to have VAT Free Sales Orders



Fixed bug in Sales Odrers when selecting RFL wasn';t closing the window

Added option to cancel Parts Order

Sales Ledger Cash Posting Now has a batch total

Ability to send a one-off "standard" letter to a customer( from within the contact screen)

Fixed Bug whereby Clicking Service Managers Toolkit was bringing up parts managers

Added ability to remove lines from a mailshot selection list

PX appraisal system

Fixed bug with Vehicle Sales Orders not calculating VAT correctly on bottom line price



Customer Search Now shows account no in brackets after name

Bug in Sales Order when selecting factory options from price list fixed

Fixed bug in Custome rProfiles - couldn't remove %age discount from retail



Bug with Patrs Negative Stock in Navigator n/w fixed

Cash Book now has options for posting pl/sl/nl/vehicle and cash book payments

Workshop Diary Report (Character) now works for historical appointments

Fixed bug in Parts goods in - retrieving orders at wrong goods in price

Fixed bug in Parts goods in -when changing details of a parts line it looses the link to the order that is being goods'd in

Added functionality to supercede a part from within goods in

Supercession routine added to the add/view part routine.

Fixed bug whereby Workshop Customer Warranty report would only print in workshop 1



Vehicle Admin - Non Mechanical Prep now has the ability to add a note - the Prep report in the sales managers toolkit now alllows filtering by type

Goods In of Parts Special/Local Orders now gives the ability to book Parts straight out

Sales Ledger Transaction List - Now correctly displays internal invoice ref

Updates to Cash Book

Data Cleansing display (MPS, TPS, FPS, Deceased and Gone away flags only at the moment)



Parts Orders now give the ability to enter the order ref & manufacturer order ref after confirmation

Stopped the auto-confirmation of customer odrers when consolidating

Workshop jobs with job lines flagged as "awaiting parts" now show "Requires Parts Order" as the status until patrs are ordered. They also show when filtered for "All Parts Orders"



Customer Profiles now respect user privileges

Workshop - added ability to create jobs with status of "Parts Ordered"

Rebooking a job - given the ability to move parts orders when rebooking.

Prevented job being released with Parts Orders On

Added abilty to transfer parts orders between jobs

Parts Prepick report has option to include pre-picked jobs

Workshop Reception screen - new job filters included

Ability to update Workshop Job Prepick box frmo parts sales screen



Fixed bug in creating workshop order from sales admin

Fixed bug with changing branches not downloading forms.

Created Workshop Parts Orders Report

Added Patrs description to Parts Order Report



Fixed bug in SL Cash posting that was cashing receipts to be posted in the wrong company

Fixed bug in PL invoice posting that was mis-posting the nominal entry to accounts with "fixed" shortcuts

Fixed bug in multipage job cards (not paging)

Fixed bug in PL Cleared Transactions (not working at all)


V1.9.126 (internal release)

Fix to overnight nominal ledger clear to stop it running between 6am and 6pm

Fix to workshop job processing screen to add up technicians time correctly (wasn't dividing by 100)

Formdocs support removed from Navigator

Standard forms now included in the software

Fixed bugs in Parts Customer Ordering System

Updated Parts Customer orders to flag that part is already on order

Bugs fixed in parts special orders

Fixed bug in Nominal code lookup which meant no branches were showing!

Vehicle Prepartion expanded to show vehicle being prepped for sale



Date picker rewritten so it always displays

Fixed display bug in Vehicle Admin which meant that the main menu was being resdisplayed in front of the vehicle admin screen when you finished with a stock record

Vehicle Admin - Ability to transfer a vehicle to another branch

Date fields now accept dates in format

NL Ledger Report now exports to spreadsheet without an error

NL Ledger Report now totals

PL - Ability to restrict postings to shortcuts

PL - VAT now suggested when posting a purchase invoice

PL Cleared Transactions now function correctly

Fixed bug in Workshop Parts Allocation that allowed a part to be allocated multiple times!

Warning in Parts Sales of accounts being over credit limit or closed

Fixed bug on allocating parts costs to a deal

Parts Orders - now allows Customer Stock Orders to be consolidated seperately to VOR Orders

Parts Customer Orders - bug in booking out ordered parts fixed (the order wasn't being cleared)

Parts Customer Orders - added ability to handle partial booking out of parts on order

PL - Bug in purchase ledger invoice postings which was putting nominal notes in the Quantity field now fixed

Fixed bug in Vehicle Admin which meant the PX status wasn't being updated on delivery of the vehicle



Fixed bug in Stimulsoft reports whereby multipage reports were not printing correctly

Fixed bug which was preventing Appointments being cancelled if there was an error

Fixed bug in Sales Ledger Invoice posting which could get a batch posted in the wrong company

Nominal Shortcut list in SL/PL/Nominal is now sorted and has a filter option

Vehicle Administration toolkit now shows branch/user details

Nominal Journals - fixed bug which didn't actually remove deleted lines from the screen

Nominal Journals - Notes are retained between lines on the journal



Fixed Bug with entering false numeric data into currency fields (eg entering 60..00 into a price field)

Fixed Bug causing FL2 to get corrupted when updating Parts details



Fixed bug in Text box which was causing random Continue/Quit error messages

Fixed bug in Technicians Clock which was causing the wrong tech to be clocked off

Fixed bug in Sales system so that ALL deals with Part Exchanges need approval from the salesmanager.

Rewrite of multi-vehicle selection on a customer record to speed up the display and remove blank lines.

Fixed bug in Parts which was preventing yuo viewnig parts on jobs in other workshops

Fixed bug in Parts Stock take which didn't allow a single bin to be printed. Also added a cancel option

Fixed bug in Vehicle admin where any posting would mark the vehicle as adopted



Inlcludes Report Designer



Bug fix on Commercial Vehicle PX's (not adding VAT)

Please wait popup on HPI vehicle Check



More bug fixes to Windows Locking

Bug fixes to Stimulsoft Reporting.



Extra work on Windows locking system

Ability to remove a leasing Company from a customer record

"Refresh" button added to EPOS/Parts Sales screen to reload parts details



Profit report now shows bonus as a negative cost rather than a sale

When a deal is closed it no longer allows you to post costs

When raising a sales order, there is now a cancel button on the order confirmation screen.

Searching for an account now shows the post code of the account in the search box

When in Nominal ledger journals you can now remove a line by double clicking on it

Ability added to accept / adopt a part exchange and reverse the same.

Changed the way that threads are allocated when creating an appointment.



Purchase Ledger Cheque Payments now forces entry of a cheque number

Can now Transfer a technician temporarily to another workshop from within the Managers toolkit (they automatically move back on clocking off)

Workshop job processing - now displays the name of the last technician to work on the job - not the first.

Fixed bug in Marketing Selections - when selecting by Order Date



Integration of Stimulsoft Forms software as replacement for formdocs

More updates to the new Sales Process (authorisation)

Ability to change the factory options and pricing on a deal

Ability to deconsign a vehicle



PL Cheque payments now record Cheque no on remittance advice and on the account

Vehicle Admin Screen updated so that the "Sales Status" tab shows who approved the deal and when

Stocklist from Vehicle Administrators toolkit now shows "Vehicle Stock List" as a heading if you print it out.

Fixed bug in Parts Managers Toolkit - invoice report calculating profit @ 100% sometimes

Additional work on Sales Process - (approval) to allow staff to have minimum profit that they need to make on a deal and request approval through the managers toolkit if less than this threshold

In vehicle administration has the ability to view statement of account (on the "view" menu).

Purchase Ledger Invoice posting now shows a running batch total

Purchase Ledger Invoice Posting now checks that VAT is the standard rate and warns you if not

Purchase Ledger Invoice Posting - if you allocate to GANI but don't post anything it was writing the full amount off, it now asks if you wish to write it off.

Purchase Ledger Invoice Posting - Now warns if you try to post the same invoice no twice to the same account.

Purchase Ledger Invoice Posting - Now allows you to click on a nominal ledger line to remove the entry if posted by mistake

Sales Ledger - Debtors List now ages correctly (the columns were all one out of line).

Sales Ledger - Viewing transactions, if manual invoices had references attached then these display in place of the invoice no.

Sales Ledger - Cash Posting - cannot allocate to the same line no on the same account twice in the same batch.

Purchase Ledger - Can now print and export Creditors List

Sales Ledger - Can now print and export Debtors List

Sales Ledger Transactions - Now shows batch no in transaction list

Purchase Ledger Payments - a "Pay All" button now pays all invoices in the list.



Additions to Sales Process - Deal Approval, now shows %'ge profit, allows a deal to be marked as approved or rejected and notes to be entered. The sales managers toolkit now shows a log of quotations and their statuses allowing them to be approved or rejected. Also, a sales manager enetering a deal can now allocate this to a salesperson.

Workshop Managers Toolkit - Sales Summary - the text font has been reduced

Recalling a sales order in Windows and altering, the original version of the order is saved to create a log. No reporting yet exists for this



Updated so that a branch can have a "default" vehicle type (eg 0 car, 1 commercial, 2-tourer etc). This is set in BRANCHES.ALL <BR+1,7> (there is no way of setting this up in the system as of yet)

Fixed the Workshop Release Job function so that it records correctly who releases the job

Extra fixes in the new file locking routines



Patch release containing fix for OCONV not working - this meant that users couldn't log in!



Fix for hanging on Purchase Ledger Payment posting when printing remittances to more than one account.



Extra fixes on new locking software

Change of threading code in workshop - aims to prevent random crashes

Logout Option on Workshop Reception Screen

Rewrote internal/external conversion for MR2 to prevent server round trip

Fixed bug whereby it was possible to multiple add a factory option when creating a stock record by double clicking the option over and over again

Key Nos tab added to vehicle in vehicle administration

Nominal Ledger batch posting forced to clear variables out to clear any non-nominal entries from the batch report before posting the batch

"Post" buttons set on Pl Payments and NL Journal so that they can only be clicked once (it was possible to double click on them making the postings go twice!)

Marketing Campaigns have the following fixes:

Ability to select on New or Used vehicles

When a new campaign is created it immediately appears in the list so it can be processed

There is the ability to select customers by vehicle make

Bug whereby if a customer had multiple vehicles, clicking on a customer on the list may not display the actual vehicle that was selected.

It is now easier to make multiple selections (you just reclick on the field you want to make another entry on)



New search field on Vehicle Adminstrators Toolkit "Our Order Ref"

Internal change to remove round trip to server for time conversion



Major internal update to remove jRCS from client ( see Windows File Locking)



Internal Release Only

Upgrade to Deal Approval System with added On Road Price tab on screen

Fix for VAT calculation on Margin Used Vehicles on Deal Approval Screen.


Beta Release only with Deal Approval System for Barrons



Integration with jrcs 1.2.4



New Approve Deal Option on Sales Managers Toolkit (see "Optimiser" Deal Calculator

New Option on Vehicle Record for Est. Preparation Charges (used vehicles only)

Salesmans Toolkit - View Orders - now shows time of order (this is not retrospective as the time wasn't previously collected).

Sales Ledger Cash Posting - bug fixed whereby wasn't assigning the batch to the correct member of staff.

User interface bug which meant that report columns couldn't be "grouped" fixed



Mailshot Selection now has the ability to select on vehicle type (Car, Commercial, Tourer etc)

More bug fixes in User Interface.



Bug fix to user interface - roll-over on ordinary tables wasn't working correct - this has been removed temporarily.



Allow Vehicle Type (Car/Commercial/Caravan etc) to be entered on vehicle records (new/used and PX), as well as on Customer Vehicle Records see Caravanisation

User interface updates - new "Blue bar" group box, Blue headings on reports and on Tabcontrols.