Volkswagen Service Events

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Starting from July 14th 2010, Volkswagen/Audi & VW Commercial dealers will be sending data via the new DMS-I communications system.  This includes daily Service Event Data.


This is a replacement for the Service Event updates that were previously manually updated in Dialog.


On every workshop job which is for the relevant VW franchise (eg Volkswagen if you are a Volkswagen Retailer, Audi if you are Audi etc) there is an extra tab on the workshop job with a series of "tick-boxes" which categorises the job :




The tick boxes should be filled in to reflect the work carried out on the vehicle on this visit.   Multiple tick-boxes can be filled in.


It is essential that this is filled in for every workshop job prior to releasing the job - this data is sent to Volkswagen and is used for CSI analysis and reporting.