To Close the Deal

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To close a stock record go into the Vehicle Administrator Toolkit > Search for the relevant stock number.


Go into the stock record and select the Sales tab at the top of the screen. In the drop down list select the Close Deal option as shown in the below images:







You will be told if there are any problems closing the deal (i.e. an outstanding workshop job).


The system will prompt for today’s date as the closing date, the only requirement is that the closing date needs to be after the invoice date.


Select the Close button.


The system will inform you that the deal has been closed successfully.



The Status field at the top of the screen now shows that the deal is Sold, Closed and Paid (Not paid - If the deal has not yet been paid).


Note: To recognise any profit made on a sale, you must close the Deal.


A deal is transacted using Balance Sheet Nominal Codes and does not affect the Profit and Loss Account until closure.