Creating New Letter Template

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To create a Click2Mail template, first - using Microsoft Word - create the letter that you wish to send.  This should include all company logos, names and addresses etc - in full colour and at a resolution suitable for printing.


An example of a letter is as follows :-


To upload this as a template, go into Marketing - Setup and select the Click-to-Mail template tab:-


click to mail templates


Existing Click-to-Mail documents are displayed.  One of these can be selected, and removed if necessary or a new document added by uploading from your local PC.


The document options can also be set  by clicking the Document Options button :-



There are several options that can be configured :-


Document Format


This is the format of the document, and can be one of :-


A4 Letter

Greeting Card

Business Card

Post Card


Template Format


This defines the format of the  document :-


A4 Letter

Business Card

Greeting Card A5

Post Card A5

Post Card A6

Post Card A5 Right

Post Card A6 Right


Address font


This is the font that the name and address is printed on the letter.


Font Size


This is the font size of the name and address




If ticked this defines that the letter should be sent out in black & white (this is cheaper)




If ticked, this defines that the multi-paged document should be sent out double-sided.


Clicking Save will save the settings.


Proofing Document


A document can be proofed using any customer record on the system by clicking the "Customer" button and selecting clicking customer followed by clicking the Proof Document button :-


show proof