Migration Guide to NVS - Vehicles

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Final Version


In July of 2010, the Volkswagen Group New Vehicle DMS interface goes live - this is in line with the German Brand's migration to the VW Sli Ordering system.


In addition to the Volkswagen standard switchover processes, there are two  procedures that should be run as soon as the NVS system is live.


Import Commission No > SLI Order No mapping table


The Dialog Vehicle system will been switched off on the 14th July, 2010.


This utility should be run once in each branch that has Vehicle stock, between the 14th July and the SLI system going live commencing the 21st July.


This will generate a report and ask you to save a spreadsheet on your PC. This spreadsheet will show each stock record, it's old commission no and the calculated SLI Order No.  


It should be noted that the SLI order no is generated using an algorithm supplied by Volkswagen but is not an exact science.  Therefore, as part of the SLI "go live" procedure this list should be compared with the stock that is brought onto SLI to ensure accuracy.  Any incorrect SLI order numbers can be corrected on individual stock records by changing the Supplier Order Ref on the "Purchase" tab of the stock record.


Import initial Vehicle Price File


The Franchise (VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda) Price file will normally update overnight each night.  However, the initial Vehicle Price file should be uploaded. This should be done on the day before the SLI system for the franchise goes live - which is (subject to last minute changes which will be posted on the Volkswagen Group intranet systems eg VW Desktop)   :-


 Audi : 20th July

 CV : 21st July

 Volkswagen : 22nd July


Click on Import NVS Vehicle Price File for instructions.


Once the above have been processed the SLI interface will automatically be put live.