T-Card View

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T-Card View


The t-card view displays all jobs which are either appointments that are due in the workshop during or prior to the current date and all jobs which are currently in the workshop.


Each job is shown under one of several headings :-


 Appointments :                        Jobs which are due into the workshop which haven't yet arrived.

 Not Started :                        Jobs which have been accepted into the workshop but have not been started

 Awaiting Restart        :                Jobs which have had a technician clocked on, and are now awaiting restart.

 In Work:                        Jobs which have a technician currently clocked onto them.

 Parts on Order:                        Jobs which are awaiting Parts on Order prior to restarting.

 Awaiting Authorisation:                Jobs which require authorisation (either customer or warranty/lease co) prior to continuing.

 At Subcontractor:                Jobs where the vehicle is off-site at a sub-contractor

 Awaiting Test:                        Jobs where the vehicle requires (road) test prior to continuing.

 Awaiting Valet:                        Jobs which have been completed, but require valeting.

 Completed :                        Jobs which are completed awaiting invoice

 Awaiting Warranty Costing:        Jobs which are complete but require warranty costing.

 Invoiced:                        Jobs which are invoiced awaiting collection.



Within each section, each job is displayed as a "card" :-



There are two colour codings for jobs - the bright blue (above) which is for Non-Warranty jobs, and - if optioned - a darker blue for Warranty Job Cards. Warranty Job card separation is defined in Service Parameters.


The customer name is on either a Green, Red or grey background.  Red indicates that the job is running late of it's scheduled collection time/date.  Grey is used for appointments which aren't overdue.  All normal jobs in progress are Green.


To progress a job, double click on the card representation of the job.


Moving the mouse pointer over the job displays extra detailed information relating to this job :-




The job displays the job no, customer name, Reg No, Vehicle Model, Date/Time due out and description of customer requests.  If a technician has been allocated or is clocked on then his name will be displayed.