Workshop Reception Screen

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The workshop reception screen is accessed from the Main Navigator Menu by selecting Workshop > Service Reception.


The default screen is as above, which shows the standard "T-Card" view of the workshop.  There are several tabs available, selected from the bottom of the screen :-


 T-Card :                The default screen

 Reception :                A tabular representation of the service workload.

 Sales Work :                An analysis of all Sales Work requested to the workshop

 Follow Ups:                Follow-ups required to be actioned by the service receptionist

 Estimates:                This screen is part of the bodyshop system


At the top of the screen is a series of buttons :-


 Appointment :        Create a service appointment

 Job Search:                Search for a job

 Sub Contract:                Accept the costs of sub-contract work.

 Customer :                Search for and view/update a customer record.

 Pre-Pick Report:        Print a report of jobs that require pre-picking

 View Diary:                View the workshop diary

 Parts Order Report :        View Parts Orders outstanding against workshop jobs.

 MOT Diary :                Views an on-screen day by day MOT Diary (if it is configured).

 Collections Report :        Prints a sheet per job that requires collection on a specific date.

 Refresh:                Refreshes the job display (this refreshes every 3 minutes automatically in any case).

 Change Branch :        Allows the user to switch to another workshop (providing their staff privileges allow this).

 Log Out :                Logs the user off, requiring the next user to login (useful on shared workstations).


 My Jobs Only :        Views jobs for this receptionist only (only works on "Reception" tab)

 Todays Jobs:                Only displays jobs that are required today by the customer (only works on "Reception" tab)

 Awaiting Parts Only:        Only displays jobs that are awaiting parts orders prior to booking in (only works on "Reception" tab)

 Select Receptionist:        Filters the jobs by one or more Receptionists (or reception desks if configured) - only works on T-Card View.


 Close :                Exits the service reception.