Stock Checking Product - Barcode Scanning

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To process the stock check, a laptop PC with a barcode scanner would normally be used.


From the Main Navigator Menus select Retail > Stock Check to display the following screen




Before starting to stock check any products ensure the tick box "Barcode Scanner in Use" is ticked.   If for some reason the barcode scanner is not in use and product codes are being keyed in manually, then leave this unticked.



Scan a product which will display as follows:




Key in the quantity of product that is on the shelf and press the ENTER key on the keyboard to confirm.  This will add the stock checked product to the list (though the update has already been done on the system)


After a few products have been done the screen will look as follows:




If a product does not scan


If a product does not scan, then it can be searched for by description by clicking the search button.  These products should be noted and new barcodes printed to ensure they scan at the point of sale later.


If a product is stock checked twice


If a product is stock checked twice within a seven day period, the system will need to know whether this a re-count (ie the quantity being entered is the complete count of this product) or whether this is an additional product count (for example if the product is in the store at two locations).   The following question will be prompted:




Answer [YES] if this stock is extra stock in another location (the quantity you enter will be added to the quantity on Navigator) or [NO] if this is a recount (the quantity will be the new total quantity on Navigator)



Completing the Stock Check screen


To exit the stock check screen, click the COMPLETE button.