Customer Terms

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Sales Ledger 13




The active fields on this screen are as follows:


Status                        The Status of an Account can be either Open or Closed. Selecting Closed will prevent sales being                                made to this account from any module within the system.


Credit Limit                        This limit cannot be exceeded by any Department. A Cash Invoice will be raised if the value of the                                invoice takes the Customer over their agreed Credit Limit.


Default Nominal                This option only applies to Sundry Sale invoices - raised from within the Sales Ledger.

                         A Customer's account can be allocated a Nominal Code; each time a Sundry Sales Invoice is                                raised, it will be posted against the selected Code. The Nominal Code can be added by either                                selecting a Nominal Shortcut code, or by building a long code.


Limited Credit Account        This option would be set to "Cash Account" if the Customer has parts delivered by van.

                         Selecting the "Cash Account" option prevents Parts Department invoices from appearing on the                                Till Reconciliation, until the receipt of cash is confirmed by the Parts Manager.                                                (This is a process run in the Parts Managers Toolkit).


Account Type                If the account holder is either a Lease Company or an Insurance Company, this must be selected                                from the list otherwise the correct options won't be available to the Service Department when they                                create a new customer or process a new Appointment.

                         Similarly, an internal account must be set up as "Internal Zero Rated".


Payment Terms                This determines when an invoice is displayed as overdue both on the Account Enquiry screen and                                in the Debtors List.


Settlement Discount                This is a note, indicating how much settlement discount this Customer has been allowed.


Send Statement?                This defaults to "Yes", but can be changed to "No" if no statement is to be sent - usually for                                Internal Zero Rated Accounts.


Copy Invoices?                This defaults to "No", but can be changed to "Yes" resulting in the Customer receiving a copy                                invoice for each outstanding transaction on their statement.


Select the "References" tab.