Sales Toolkit

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To get to the Sales Toolkit go to the Navigator main screen and select the Vehicles tab. In the drop down menu select the Sales Toolkit Option.


The first screen gives a Sales Person the ability to carry out all tasks they would be expected to do on a day-to-day basis.

sales toolkit mains creen



The buttons at the top of the screen allow the user to do the following:


Create a new Customer Enquiry

Refresh the screen to reflect the latest changes

View a Customer's Record

Send either internal or external mail messages

Create non-Customer related tasks

Raise a Quotation for a Customer

View the first page for dates other than today

Close the screen


Below the buttons, on the Today tab, there is a list of contacts that are requiring action today or are overdue. These are coloured        dark blue for Customer-related Tasks, and green for Appointments.


The All Enquiries tab displays all live contacts - lines in red are either overdue or due today.