Description of First Screen

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Qty (F1):                        Allows user to increase issued quantity (default 1 unit)

Override (F2):                Allows user to override sale price of part by either amending price, or adding                                discount.

Add (F3):                        Adds selected part to invoice.        

Select Customer (F4):         Allows user to select customer before selecting parts – useful if the customer has                                pre-defined discounts and wants to know the value of his purchase as you are                                inputting the parts

Cancel Sale (F5):                Cancels the current transaction.

Bottom Line Price (F6):        Allows a total invoice discount (value or percentage) to be given at the end of                                invoice production

Search (F7):                        Allows user to search for a part. Some or all of the description must be entered

Customer (F8):                Allows user to choose customer after the invoice has been completed.

Workshop Job (F9):                Allows user to issue parts against a workshop job

Sales Vehicle (F10):        Allows user to issue parts to a stock vehicle

Transfer (F11):                Allows the user to transfer parts between Branches of the same business.

Receipt Only (F12):                Produces a Cash Sales Invoice without capturing the customer’s details.

Select Job (Shift + F4):        Allows the user to view details of a Workshop Job, including Job Card details and                                a list of parts already issued.

VRM (Shift + F6):                Displays Model, colour, chassis number and registration date of a vehicle.