Description of First Screen

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The First Screen allows the user to both post to, and view, Nominal Codes and also to administer the Nominal Ledger module.



Nominal Ledger 1



There are three "tabs" on the menus of this screen which give access to all the Nominal Ledger Functions:-




         - Post a Journal

         - Reverse a Journal Batch

         - Sales > Nominal Journal

         - Purchase > Nominal Journal

         - Sales > Purchase Journal

         - Create / List / Post Recurring Journals

         - Close and Exit Nominal Ledger





         - View a Nominal Account

         - Ledger Reports (Trial Balance)

         - Transaction Report

         - Copy Batch

         - Day Books

         - Reconcile Nominal Accounts

         - Schedule Nominal Account

         - Close and Exit Nominal Ledger




         - Export to Acclink

         - Export to Composite

         - Change Branch

         - Setup

         - Close and Exit Nominal Ledger